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High-rollers in Canada- Who Are They Actually?

At online casinos in Canada we often hear about the so-called high-rollers. Although for us they are a rare category, for casinos they are a huge treasure! These players play very actively but also at high stakes. Every player’s eternal dream is to belong to this elite group of players! But is there any real point in being a high-roller casino player?  More casinos not on GamStop you can find on JustUK. Who has enough money to burn at the poker or blackjack tables? Are they princes from the ruling families in the Gulf countries, or are they spoiled kids of some billionaires? In this article, we will take a closer look at these millionaires.

Past and Present

Gambling in Canada has been around since the dawn of human civilization, and the distinction between “regular” gamblers and high rollers has probably been around for just as long. It is clear who the high rollers of that time were: in the past, the high rollers were probably the nobles, the landowners, knights, chiefs, maybe also clerics. The economically better off class who can afford their expensive hobbies!

At the other end of the spectrum were probably the peasants and the common people, who perhaps often gambled for nothing, or for early game currencies such as stones, or for food, tobacco, and small household items. Fortunately, compared to those players of the past, we’re all high rollers today!

But today’s high rollers, who hang around in the various online casinos in the VIP clubs and seem to have nothing to do all day but play slots with stakes of 100 euros per spin – who is behind these mysterious and enviable ones identities?

High-rollers Don’t Just Play for Fun!

Most of the high-rollers who have made it into official casino history are not the spoiled children of any billionaire. Often these people started out as regular players and worked their way up with a lot of dedication over the years. These people may have started out playing for fun, but with the decision to make gaming a career comes the serious side of life. With infinite self-control, hard work, constant learning, investing a lot of time and of course a little bit of luck , they finally managed to increase the original capital to the point that they can reuse large parts of it and thus begin to become high rollers. However, it is not specified when exactly one can classify oneself as a high roller.

Casino Games As a Career: Having Money Is Not Everything

If you want to become a high roller in Canada and thus turn your hobby into a career, you first need – as is the case with many large and courageous projects – solid capital. However, that is far from the end. Otherwise the banks would probably give out loans to would-be high rollers in droves! The most important thing is that you don’t just gamble away this capital stock, but increase it so that you actually end up making a profit – after all, professional players don’t just want to have fun, they want to make money. Gaming is the job, so you have to get a “salary” as well, otherwise it doesn’t make much sense.

It’s Hard Work!

If you want to become a high roller, you don’t just worry about raising your bets – it’s much more important that you become an expert player. Because of this, most high rollers tend to focus on a single game, or at least a few. In this game they find their “niche”, specialize, educate themselves, work long and hard to become a highly skilled player.

For this reason, it is not at all – contrary to the stereotype – that all high rollers are gambling addicts. On the contrary: if they were addicted to gambling, they would not be able to keep a clear head, would be out of control and would lose all their money as quickly as possible. Real high rollers often have a high level of professionalism – they just approach gambling as if it were a serious business matter. And if you approach things with the right attitude, show talent and brains and have the necessary luck – you can fulfill your dream of becoming a high roller.

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