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Here’s what to do if you win the Mega Millions lottery on Friday:

Here's what to do if you win the Mega Millions lottery on Friday:

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this Friday, The Mega Millions lottery jackpot is expected to exceed $ 1 billion. And in the meantime It is well known that winning the lottery does not result in eternal happiness for a lifetime.It’s impossible not to daydream about what you do in such a life-Changes in wind and rain. But before you get absorbed in thinking about the jet skis you buy and the colleagues you tell, consider planning to best prepare yourself for a stress-free life of financial freedom. ..But how??

To find out, I talked to pResident and chief financial aVisor Pacifica Wealth Management And the author Sudden wealth solutionDr. Robert Pagliarini has been advising the lottery winners for 24 years, looking at what to do the moment they win the jackpot.

Calm down and protect the lottery ticket

The first advice Pagliarini gave to future lottery winners is simple: JPlease take a breath. “”YMaking life-changing decisions requires full mental capacity, “he says. “”You don’t want anxiety, excitement, Nerve, or Fear of clouding good judgment. Tell yourself that you can get excited and engrossed later, but for now, you have work to do. “

If you wrap your head almost impossible Good luck The next and most important step is to keep your winning tickets safe. in the end, you I didn’t win the lottery —I did the ticket you bought.

“TThe lottery is the “owner’s tool”, which means that anyone who owns it owns it. ” Pagliarini says. “”This means that you need to document that you are the legitimate owner of the ticket. How? Take a selfie of you and your ticket. Take a video. Keep your safety! “It is also advisable to add a signature after the ticket to further show ownership.

Understand what your winnings will look like

According to Pagliarini, one of the most common pitfalls faced by lottery winners is that they think they are making more money than they really are. “If you win a $ 100 million jackpot, with you (and your family) Friend) You might think you have $ 100 million. you don’t. For lump sum payment Get about 60% of the jackpot. That’s $ 60 million. But you have federal and (often) state income taxes. It cuts your victory in half. ”

In addition, he warns the lottery winners that they have the right mindset in winning their lottery.The lottery winners weren’t making money, so he saw them making money You can use it more freely. “It feels like monopoly money,” he said. To tell. “YYou have the potential to use it more freely, give it more freedom, and invest it much more High risk investment. ”

Be quiet about your victory —And lawyer up

Some of the advice Pagliarini gives to lottery winners is to get the bomb news very close to the best within the first 24 hours of winning. “Tell only one person to your family,” he says. “”At this point, keep it secret from everyone else. After all, the sooner people know about your winnings, the sooner you will submit communications from people who want to get some of the pie. And, as discussed earlier, their idea of ​​how much money you really made will probably grow.

Perhaps after having one of the most enjoyable and out-of-body conversations in your life with a loved one of your choice, Pagliarini suggests securing a lawyer. “Hire a lawyer,” he says. “YI want someone on the team to help you and keep your best interests in mind. Lawyers can help claim prizes (and Your state allows you to do so anonymously), Not only do you lay the foundation for protecting your newly found prizes.

Here’s what to do if you win the Mega Millions lottery on Friday:

Source link Here’s what to do if you win the Mega Millions lottery on Friday:

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