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Here’s What These Teeth Whitening Products Really Do

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To the point where everyone wants to whiten their teeth TikTok is full of fake home whitening recipes,Furthermore chewing gum Boasts a (very minimal) teeth whitening effect. But let’s skip all that and have your teeth whitened by a professional or use a home product that looks legit. How White Do Your Teeth Really Stay?

The effectiveness of tooth whitening products depends on the degree of staining on your teeth and the type of stain.Extrinsic stains are the kinds you get from coffee and tobacco. Easier to remove than inherent stains that may be the result of aging, medications, or medical problems. You can make your whitening treatment last longer by avoiding external staining, such as drinking iced coffee through a straw instead of drinking your regular hot coffee out of a mug.

professional whitening

If you have a teeth whitening procedure (often called chairside whitening) at a dentist, the effects can last from six months to three years, with many dentists saying one year is typical. There are different whitening procedures, so ask your dentist what they plan to use and how long the effect usually lasts. There may also be instructions. This makes the treatment last longer.

At-home whitening tray

whitening trays What you get from your dentist may take several weeks to see results, but the results often last six months or more.

Exactly how long they last depends on what kind of treatment you get and where you get it from. Dentist trays are custom-You fit them in your mouth and fill them with the gel your dentist gives you.

Some whitening systems recommend regular use, such as once a month.Others recommend repeating the procedure every 6 times Monthly or yearly.

whitening strips

Teeth whitening strips don’t last as long as professional treatments, but most are advertised to last up to 6 months. For example, Crest Whitestrips promise “6 months or more” after using once a day for 20 days. (They may need to go through two boxes to see results, so it’s equivalent to 40 days of treatment.

whitening pen

Teeth whitening pens are less effective than the other treatments we have mentioned. , Recommendation Touch up with a whitening pen before a special event). However, unlike strips, trays, or office treatments, effect does not lastIf you want to whiten your teeth without using the pen all the time, we recommend choosing a different type of treatment.

Here’s What These Teeth Whitening Products Really Do

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