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Here’s how to understand all the new FINAL FANTASY VII games

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Final Fantasy Is one of the most influential video game franchises to date, and although every game in the series has fans, FINAL FANTASY VII Is much more popular, 25 years after its first release on PlayStation 1. A new generation of Japanese RPGs—and its environmentalist message more than ever, for Cloud, Aeris, Tifa, and their associates to save the planet from the evil energy company Shrina and the superhuman warrior Sephiroth. It is relevant.

Over the years FINAL FANTASY VIIThe popularity of has led to numerous spin-off games such as: Dirge of Cerberus On PlayStation2 Crisis Core PlayStation Portable, and (now obsolete) mobile games Beyond the crisisLike the CG movie called, FINAL FANTASY VII: Advent Children..

But in 2020, Square Enix responded to fans’ demand for a modernized take of the original game. FINAL FANTASY VII Remake series.Yes Series-Currently available Many Ongoing remake FINAL FANTASY VII At various stages of development. Even spin-off games and movies are currently being remade and new side games are underway.

We have a lot FINAL FANTASY VII We will start on our path in the next few years. It’s exciting for existing fans like me, but it’s probably overwhelming for curious new players and disappearing fans trying to relive one of their favorite games.Let’s take a look at many new and upcoming plans FINAL FANTASY VII There are projects that can help you understand where to start and what is worth playing.


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nevertheless FINAL FANTASY VII Remake was Released in 2020, it’s worth including men Starting from this rounding up.This massive remake of the original FINAL FANTASY VII All sports New graphics for the latest consoles and PCs, overhauled combat systems, new gameplay mechanics, and a much more fleshed out story.To accommodate a more spectacular range, this game is the first part of a planned trilogy and has Part 1. It’s done entirely in the city of Midgar.

Frankly FINAL FANTASY VII Remake May be rethinking or (minor spoilers) rather than one-on-one recreation Sequel To the original FFVII On the PS1 (yes, confusing, that’s the Square Enix roll).In any case, the story responds more to the existing ones FINAL FANTASY VII You are a fan, not a first-time player, and should not be considered a replacement for the original. That said FINAL FANTASY VII Remake If you like the original game, it’s definitely worth playing.

FINAL FANTASY VII Remake Available on Steam and Epic Games Store on PS4, PS5 and PC. There is also a bonus DLC chapter called “Intermission” that can be used on the PS5 and PC versions, and you can play as a brave ninja Yuffie. It also contains tips on where the next game in the remake series will go.


FINAL FANTASY VII Reverse-First Look Trailer

FINAL FANTASY VII VERSION This is the second chapter of the remake series that will be released on PS5 someday.Inter. This can mean any time between December 2023 and March 2024, and I am confident that we will be approaching early 2024.

What happens to the game: a new combat system from Remake It’s likely to come back, as well as gameplay and structure, with a more open environment for exploration and new characters to join the party.While the Ribir trailer glimpsed several places and potential story beats reproduction Cover based on the event of FINAL FANTASY VII Remake And that rest DLC chapter, we are expecting reproduction It deviates considerably from the source material.


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Details are not provided, but Square Enix Celebrate live stream FINAL FANTASY VII 25th anniversary That FINAL FANTASY VII Remake The series will be a trilogy.Given that we have at least a year and a half left before we see it reproduction, Part 3 is probably a few years away. However, according to Testua Nomura, director of the remake series, the development of Part 3 has already begun, so I hope it isn’t. that I’ve been waiting for a long time.

In the meantime, we can only guess about the Part 3 subtitles. Given the nature of the FFVII Remake trilogy and how to handle its storyline, I’m betting on “reimagining.”Otherwise, you don’t know which event or character the character came from FINAL FANTASY VII The game could be launched on the PS5, but now a vast universe is emerging.

FINAL FANTASY VII: Crisis Core: Reunion

Crisis Core-Final Fantasy VII-Reunion Announcement Trailer

Crisis Core: Reunion This is a remake version of the action RPG for PlayStation Portable. Crisis Core..Like the original, it’s the first part set just before the event FINAL FANTASY VII Focus on Zack Fair— very Important character of FINAL FANTASY VIIThe world of the original game, even though I didn’t get much screen time.

Crisis Core: Reunion It has enhanced graphics, new voice acting, and a redesigned environment for exploration.So far, the remake looks like a faithful remake of the original Crisis Core, Although this new version is constantly subject to change in circumstances to improve compatibility with the new version Remake Canon.Either way, if you’re an original fan, this is worth playing FINAL FANTASY VII Or new Remake Trilogy; Characters and Events Crisis Core Not only does it generally embody the story of FFVII, but it also seems to play an extremely important role in future developments. FINAL FANTASY VII VERSION..

Crisis Core: Reunion We plan to release “This Winter” on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S. This can be any date from December 2022 to March 2023.

FINAL FANTASY VII: Crisis so far

FINAL FANTASY VII EVER CRISIS-25th Anniversary Celebration Trailer

Marketed as “another possibility of remake” FINAL FANTASY VII Evercrisis not yet another Remake FINAL FANTASY VII Released in the latter half of 2022. but, FINAL FANTASY VII Remakes Bold reimagination, Crisis so far More faithful recreation.Overworld graphics are reminiscent of PS1 game chibi character proportions and static backgrounds, but higherres texture and more detailed model.However, the battle graphic looks like this: FINAL FANTASY VII Remake Visual — but Crisis so far Stick to turn-based RPG battles like the original.

Crisis so far it’s not However Re-story FINAL FANTASY VII, but. In the first chapter Crisis Core And the original FINAL FANTASY VIIBut future chapters will eventually be reworked whole Co oMpilation FINAL FANTASY VII-Including games Beyond the crisis, Dirge of Cerberus, When The First solder,plus Advent Children Movie — Classic RPG style.The only game Avoid the crisis The new remake trilogy will not be covered.

Crisis so far Start to 2022 iOS and Android.. Open beta testing is planned for the next few months and will be fully released shortly.Although some console players may be disappointed with Crisis so far Mobile-only availability. Keep in mind that many mobile games can be played on TVs with controllers that use devices such as Apple TV, Chromecast, and Nvidia Shield.


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First soldierr is a free multiplayer battle iOS / Android Royal Shooter FINAL FANTASY VII universe. It blends competitive third-person shooter gameplay with the magic, swords, and fantastic beasts that symbolize FINAL FANTASY.The game is set 30 years before the event FINAL FANTASY VIIAnd each player is a candidate to compete for Shinra’s infamous Soldier program.

There’s a story here, but it’s not the main focus.Like other popular free play battles Royal shooter like Fortnite, Of the first soldier The main hook is to unlock (or buy) skins and other cosmetic items to customize your character. Fortunately, Of the first soldier Storyline will appear in the future FINAL FANTASY VII: Crisis so farIf you’re not interested in Battle Royale Shooter, you can safely skip this.That said, this game is Released now on Android and iOSIf the concept is intriguing to you, give it a try.

all rightBut what if you just want to play the original? FINAL FANTASY VII today?

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Despite all these remakes and spin-offs, the original FINAL FANTASY VII It’s the best way to get into the FINAL FANTASY VII compilation and it’s the most important game in the series.

FINAL FANTASY VII Remake It may be up-to-date and flashy, but as mentioned above, it’s not a “remake” but a “reimagination” (or “sequel”). FINAL FANTASY VII VERSION It looks like a bigger deviation from the original. And who knows what Part 3 will look like?

The other Remake, Crisis so far, Ultimately, it may be an ideal way to experience most of the FINAL FANTASY VII story, but the game hasn’t been released yet, and the story will be released in chapters over the coming months and years. I don’t know yet because it will be done.

The point is FINAL FANTASY VII Remake, reproduction, Various spin-off games like and Crisis Core: Reunion If the original context is missing, it simply won’t hit (or makes no sense) FINAL FANTASY VII Talk.

Fortunately, playing the original is very easy FINAL FANTASY VII In 2022. Of course, if you have a copy of PS1, you can play it FINAL FANTASY VII A running PS1, PS2, or PS3 console.

however, “HD” version available for PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PC (via Steam), Android, iOS. The HD version is pretty much the same as the PS1 game, but with upscaled graphics that look great on the latest TVs and optional “cheat” options such as making the most money, turning off random battles, and making parties invincible. “there is.By far the best way to experience FINAL FANTASY VII Great way to revisit for the first time todayA classic of the 90’s on modern devices.

Here’s how to understand all the new FINAL FANTASY VII games

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