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Here’s how to safely store pumpkins in bleach

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There has been a lot of controversy on social media lately about how to make pumpkins last longer by wiping them with diluted bleach. Using pure bleach is unwise as it can dry out the pumpkin and affect the soil and surfaces around it, but 1 teaspoon of bleach mixed with 1 gallon of water is not harmful to animals when dried. Claim.

Bleach is toxic when wet, safe when dry

Wiping the squash with diluted bleach works by killing the bacteria on the surface of the squash and slowing down the decomposition process. It also helps reduce mold growth and extend shelf life.The life of harvested pumpkins. If any salt remains on the surface of the pumpkin, wipe off the salt crystals with a clean, damp cloth.

Bleach, known chemically as NaClO, is toxic in its liquid state, but when dried, the residue is a harmless salt (NaCl). If bleach residue is as toxic as some people fear, think how dangerous it would be to clean countertops and bathroom sinks with it. Not doing so can be dangerous, but its residue kills no more wildlife than table salt.

D.Anger Related to Bleach

It is not recommended to pour or mix bleach into the ground, because when large amounts of bleach are absorbed into the soil, it can lead to high salinity and kill many plant species. Some people use , but it’s non-specific and kills. Any plant to touch. In the event of an accidental spill, flush the area with plenty of fresh water to avoid causing problems for local plants.

In addition, Diluting bleach or using it in a confined environment can produce toxic fumes that are dangerous to humans and pets. Needless to say, bleach is poisonous even in liquid form, so don’t drink it even in diluted form. A one teaspoon to one gallon ratio of bleach mixed with fresh water should be relatively safe to use on pumpkins. Avoid contact with eyes and mouth. (We also recommend wearing gloves when using bleach to prevent your hands from drying out. ) If bleach gets on your skin, wash the affected area thoroughly with fresh water. When mixing bleach, if you are unsure of the ratio you are using, CDC guidelines for safe disinfection.

I never have Mix Ammonia with Bleach

The main danger posed by using bleach is the possibility of accidentally mixing it with ammonia, which can produce deadly fumes and acids.Do not mix bleach with other detergents. so far, if you accidentally mix the two, leave the area immediately.Ask If you inhale fumes from mixing bleach and ammonia, seek medical attention. because of smoke from such an accident can kill you Also damage your eyes and mucous membranes.

If you accidentally swallow bleach or get it in your eyes, contact your local retailer. poison control Or dial 911 if you have severe symptoms.

Here’s how to safely store pumpkins in bleach

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