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Here are all the Reddit jargons everyone should know

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Reddit, as you probably already know, It’s essentially a modernized version of the standard online forum. It gives even individuals with the most niche interests a community and a space to connect with others who share their passions. It also has its own language and culture, so if you ever found yourself wandering through subreddits confused by undecipherable slang and abbreviations, you probably couldn’t use it. Get the most out of your platform.

Here’s all the Reddit jargon you need to know to become a true r.Editor.

Let’s start with the basics of Reddit

a subreddit A forum within the overall Reddit site. Each subreddit is dedicated to something, represented by /r/thename of thesubreddit at the end of the URL.If you like old CW shows gossip girl (or that HBO reboot) invites you to join the discussion with over 55,000 fellow fans. reddit.com/r/GossipGirl.

a cake day The day someone joined Reddit. This information is displayed on each person’s profile and Cake Day is usually celebrated.

karma Reddit’s points system. If you post to the subreddit, other users will say “agreeYour comments give you karma and make your post more visible.The overview page shows how much karma you have, but in some subreddits if the amount of karma is high, It’s not very useful outside of certain instances, such as when you’re posting faster or have bragging rights.

moderator (Also modification) are the people responsible for the subreddit. These mods can remove comments and posts from subs and usually have separate rules for their forums. There are, but other mods make rules that anyone involved in them gets permission first and only do so sporadically.

Other Reddit Slang and Abbreviations You Should Know

Beyond these basics of how the site operates, there are terms and abbreviations you may want to know. Reddit is full of acronyms that are familiar to anyone who has spent time online for the past 30 years or so. For example, NSFW, TL;DR, OP, IMO, etc. Other acronyms are Reddit specific. Here are some of the big ones:

sweet Short for “Ask me anything”, it can be added to subreddit posts, but is usually reserved for the AMA subreddit itself. In that forum, individuals with interesting stories, unique job titles, or other notable qualities introduce themselves and give Redditors a chance to ask them anything. For example, if a celebrity stops by a submarine, the time he is there is called an AMA.

brigade It happens when a group of Redditors band together to vote against another user or multiple users. This is coordinated. Downvoting leads to loss of karma.

flare A customizable badge or label added to a post to contextualize it. Contributors may be gifted to share their level of expertise or provide relevant information about the type of post they are sharing, such as recommendations, questions, or fun discoveries.

disposable account (Also “alternate” account Also sock puppet account) are created for a variety of reasons, but you’ll find that they tend to be used when a Redditor wants to express an opinion or ask for advice, without the post being linked to an existing profile. A user’s profile shows the subscriptions they have interacted with and all of their posts, By having a more anonymous secondary account, Be charming at times.

Aita Short for “Am I an asshole?” who, Usually with AITA sub, often using disposable accounts to describe life’s conflicts and situations. Commentators are considering whether the person was an asshole in the scenario.

CMV It means “to change one’s point of view”. This is used to start the discussion. Please proceed with caution.

DAEs Short for “does someone else”, used to find out if others are experiencing something similar to the OP (original poster). explains, “Are you worried about DAE getting you in trouble if you use Reddit at work?”

ELI5 means “explain as if I were five years old”. In use, this is a request for a simple explanation of a complex idea.

RTFA It’s an acronym for “read the fucking article.” It’s self-explanatory, but it’s funny, and it’s used when a commenter responds to a posted link with a question or statement that clearly indicates that they’re not doing RTFA.

till It means “Today I learned”. Try it now: “Many Reddit jargon thanks to Lifehacker.”

Here are all the Reddit jargons everyone should know

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