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Hashtag Trends Sept. 28 – Girls Who Code book ban. Amazon’s Early Holiday Sale. Netflix hires a gaming expert

The Girls Who Code book series is banned in schools, Amazon kicks off holiday sales early, and Netflix continues to develop its gaming efforts.

Girls Who Code founder Reshma Saujani’s book series is on the list of books banned in schools. This series, which chronicles a group of young girls and their adventures as part of the school’s programming club, is based on her PEN America’s Index of School Books, a national list of restricted books established in the recently completed grade. Added to Bans. The addition to the PEN America list was the first she heard about a ban on her job, but the ban was in effect for about 10 months in Pennsylvania’s Central York School District before being rescinded last September. Saujani said removing the book would not only hinder the visibility of women in the tech field, but also affect the diversity of the industry.

sauce: business insider

Amazon is starting its holiday sales a little early this year. On Monday, Amazon announced plans for a “New Him two-day global shopping event” exclusively for Prime members. Other retail giants such as Walmart and Target also launched holiday sales earlier this year. According to the LA Times, Amazon’s bonus sale event shows retailers are worried consumers are spending less this year due to inflation, rising interest rates and fears of a looming recession. There is a possibility that However, an Amazon spokesperson said the company has added his second online sale to overcome such concerns. The Primes Early Access Sale will run from October 11th to October 12th in Canada, the United States, France, Germany, and 11 other countries.

sauce: LA Times

Netflix plans to hire heavily to further its push to gaming.In the past month, according to LinkedIn, the company has posted 33 job openings, and has launched in less than a year. We are building a growing mobile game business. However, the gaming side of the streaming service hasn’t taken off yet. A new Forrester study, reviewed exclusively by Business Insider, found that only 5% of subscribers played one of Netflix’s mobile he games in the past month. Only 4% said their mobile games keep their subscriptions, and 54% didn’t care about the games at all. Announced. Netflix’s efforts to build the platform have seen subscriber numbers decline for the first time in his first two quarters of 2022.

sauce: business insider

A fleet of flying 3D printers was created to build and repair structures in flight. The drone, developed by a team at the University of Bath, uses construction methods similar to those used by bees and wasps. Drones can be used in manufacturing and construction in hard-to-reach areas, such as the rooftops of tall buildings, or in hazardous locations to aid in post-disaster relief construction. Collectively known as aerial additive manufacturing (Aerial-AM), the fleet’s drones work collaboratively from a single blueprint, adapting technology over time. It is “fully autonomous” while on the move, but is supervised by humans who can check its progress and intervene if necessary. The inventors say drones can also reduce costs and make construction safer.

sauce: BBC

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Hashtag Trends Sept. 28 – Girls Who Code book ban. Amazon’s Early Holiday Sale. Netflix hires a gaming expert

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