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Hashtag Trends Sept. 14 – No Engagement on Instagram Reels. Google faces UK and her EU lawsuits. Launch iOS 16

Instagram’s Reels feature is lacking in user engagement, Google faces a €25 billion lawsuit in the UK and EU, and Apple is launching iOS 16 with new iMessage features.

That’s all the tech news trending right now. Welcome to WordPress. Wednesday, September 14th, this is your host, James Roy.

Social media apps like Instagram and YouTube have jumped on the TikTok-style trend with short videos, but Instagram’s “reels” feature isn’t working as expected. The Wall Street Journal reported Copies of internal research documents reveal that Instagram users aren’t spending much time watching these short videos, and worse, “most Reels users aren’t engaging at all.” became. The Wall Street Journal found that users spend less than 17.6 million hours a day on Reels, compared to his TikTok users, who spend 197.8 million hours on the video platform. is reported to be Instagram clearly seems to be largely to blame for the lack of content creators and influencers using the Reels feature. Of the 11 million Instagram creators in the US, only 2.3 million post monthly. Additionally, the report also noted that a third of all reels were originally created on other sites (mainly his TikTok), and all of them still carry the other app’s logo. I’m here.

Google is facing a €25 billion lawsuit in the UK and EU that accuses the company of anti-competitive conduct in the digital advertising market. Google, a prominent force in the online advertising market, has been accused of abusing its power in the ad tech market to coordinate the sale of online advertising space between publishers and advertisers. Publishers, local news and national news outlets are being harmed by Google’s “anti-competitive behavior,” according to a Belgian law firm involved in EU lawsuits, reports The Guardian. Additionally, the UK law firm plans to take the case to the Court of Competition Appeals within the next month, but the process could take years to reach a conclusion.

On Monday, Apple released its latest software update, iOS 16. It includes some new features. One of the more common additions is the ability to: Edit and Delete Sent iMessages. A user is only given 2 minutes for him to unsend an iMessage and 15 minutes for editing an iMessage. However, it has some drawbacks. This feature does not work for his SMS text messages and only works if the person you are texting also has iOS 16 installed on her. Within iMessage, a new update will allow users to mark text as “unread.” iOS 16 also allows users to customize her iPhone’s lock screen with different fonts and colors. iOS 16 is available to everyone with an iPhone released in 2017 or later.

Last week, residents of Colorado locked out Use smart thermostats in hot weather to prevent power demand from overwhelming the grid. Over 20,000 Xcel customers lost control of their smart thermostats for hours. This prompted the customer to reveal on social media that the temperature inside their home had reached 88 degrees Fahrenheit. All affected customers were enrolled in an energy-saving program called AC Rewards, which was created to reduce strain on the power grid during heatwaves. Customers usually have the option to opt out when utilities adjust their thermostats. However, in rare cases, system emergencies can cause control events that cannot be overridden, according to the company. Last week was the first time Xcel stopped customers from overriding adjustments since the program started.

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Hashtag Trends Sept. 14 – No Engagement on Instagram Reels. Google faces UK and her EU lawsuits. Launch iOS 16

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