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Hashtag Trends Sept 1 – Truth Social is not endorsed by Google Play. Military AI startups are growing. LG’s new foldable OLED TV

Truth Social fails to get approval from the Google Play store, military AI startups are growing in interest, and LG unveils its first foldable OLED TV.

Welcome to hashtag trending. This is Tom Li, your host, on Thursday, September 1st.

Former President Donald Trump’s social media platform, Truth Social, has not been approved for distribution on the Google Play store due to poorly moderated content. The delay is a big setback for apps added to the Apple App Store in February. Without the Google Play Store, your app would miss out on many potential users. Google said it has raised concerns with Truth Social about violations of its Play Store policy, which prohibits content such as physical threats and incitement to violence. In a statement, Google emphasized that having an effective system for moderating user-generated content is a condition of the App Store Terms of Service.

sauce: Reuters

The war in Ukraine has increased the need for more AI tools on the battlefield. Two weeks after Russia invaded Ukraine in February, his CEO of data analytics firm Palantir told leaders that Europe needed help from Silicon Valley to modernize its arsenal. Did. The military is responding to this call. In June, NATO announced his $1 billion innovation fund to invest in early-stage start-ups and venture capital to help develop technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data processing and automation. Britain has launched a new defense-focused AI strategy since the Russian-Ukrainian war began, while Germany is spending just under $500 million of her on research and AI, MIT Technology Review reveals. .

sauce: MIT Technology Review

LG has unveiled the first bendable OLED TV that works as a completely flat or curved display. The LG OLED Flex, also known as the model LX3, is a 42-inch OLED TV that bends into a curved TV thanks to LG’s latest display technology. According to The Verge, curved displays are better for immersive gaming experiences, but flat screens are ideal for watching live TV and streaming services. LG is marketing a 42-inch bendable display to gamers, thanks to a number of features that console or PC gamers will find appealing. Additionally, TV owners can switch their TVs into curved mode using a dedicated button on their TV remote control. LG has yet to announce pricing or release dates for the new TVs.

sauce: The Barge

Experiments with AI have resulted in the discovery of thousands of undeclared private pools in France. According to a BBC article, over 20,000 hidden pools have been discovered. The software, developed by Google and French consulting firm Capgemini, found pools in aerial images of his nine regions in France in a trial last October. Pools increase property value, which can result in higher property taxes and must be declared under French law. The tax authority said the software can even be used to find undeclared home extensions, patios or gazebos. These are also involved in property taxes.

sauce: BBC

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Hashtag Trends Sept 1 – Truth Social is not endorsed by Google Play. Military AI startups are growing. LG’s new foldable OLED TV

Source link Hashtag Trends Sept 1 – Truth Social is not endorsed by Google Play. Military AI startups are growing. LG’s new foldable OLED TV

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