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Hashtag Trends June 28 – “How to get to Canada” surge in searches. MacBook Pro M2 SSD speed.Streaming “moochers” may not pay sub fees

Google is looking for a way to move to Canada, and some models of the Apple MacBook Pro M2 have slower storage speeds than previous generations, and some people won’t pay for streaming services if they can’t share their passwords.

Here’s all the tech news that’s currently trending. Welcome to Hashtag Trends. It’s Tuesday, June 28th. I’m your host, Tom Lee.

Following the overthrow of the Roe v. Wade case, Google surged searches for “how to move from the United States to Canada” on Friday, according to Google Trends data. Within an hour of the US Supreme Court’s announcement of the ruling, investigations surged 850% and “how to become a Canadian citizen” surged 550%. Last week, after the Supreme Court overturned the Roe v. Wade case, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reaffirmed the government’s commitment to uphold the right to abortion in Canada. In Canada, abortion is legal at every stage of pregnancy. However, in Canada, the issue is not legality, but access. According to the Digital Journal, some women in rural areas have to go to urban areas for surgical abortions.

sauce: Digital journal

The base model of Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Pro M2 seems to have a slower SSD speed than its predecessor, the M1. The base model of the M2 Mac has been tested by YouTubers MaxTech and Created Tech and has been found to be about 50% slower than the M1 MacBook Pro with 256GB of storage. The writing speed will be about 30% slower.according to The Verge, Testing was done using Blackmagic’s Disk Speed ​​Test app, YouTuber MaxTech disassembled the M2 MacBook and discovered that Apple was using only a single NAND flash storage chip. For comparison, the M1 MacBook Pro uses two 128GB NAND chips. Multiple chips can be used to speed up SSDs in parallel.

sauce: The Verge

According to a survey commissioned by Lending Tree, an online lending market, 45% of people who share passwords for streaming services don’t buy subscriptions if they can’t. The survey, which involved about 1,100 respondents, found that 38% of Americans use someone else’s login to access streaming services. More than half of them believe that password sharing is fair to the company. Streaming is also expensive, as 44% of survey respondents say they spend more than $ 50 a month on a variety of services. But Americans don’t seem to be canceling the service because of money. Instead, they are getting more noisy with the platform they are subscribing to.

sauce: Loan tree

With the help of virtual reality, it is now possible to travel to different periods. Virtual Reality Bus, a 16-seater bus operated by Invisible Cities, uses 3D technology to ride passengers in ancient Rome in a 30-minute ride. This immersive experience includes a large transparent 4K OLED screen installed in front of each window of the bus, rather than a headset. The bus uses a roll-down display installed in the window to show passengers what the famous Roman landmark of 2,000 years ago looked like. Raise the curtains and passengers will return to the modern surroundings.


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Hashtag Trends June 28 – “How to get to Canada” surge in searches. MacBook Pro M2 SSD speed.Streaming “moochers” may not pay sub fees

Source link Hashtag Trends June 28 – “How to get to Canada” surge in searches. MacBook Pro M2 SSD speed.Streaming “moochers” may not pay sub fees

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