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Hashtag Trends Aug 24 – Oracle Lawsuit. Lamborghini sells many cars. Twitch lets partner stream on his YouTube and Facebook

Oracle will face lawsuits over alleged sales of personal data, Lamborghini will pre-sell its entire production line through 2024, and Twitch will allow partners to stream on YouTube and Facebook.

Welcome to hashtag trending. Wednesday, August 24th, this is your host, Tom Li.

Oracle is the subject of a class action lawsuit alleging that the company stored the personal information of millions of people and sold it to third parties. The case has been brought to the attention of Johnny Ryan, a member of the Irish Civil Liberties Council (ICCL). A lawsuit filed last week claims that the software giant’s “global surveillance machine” has collected detailed documents on millions of people, accusing the company and its advertising business of violating people’s privacy. The ICCL claims that Oracle documents about people contain information such as home addresses, online activities, online purchases, and income. This claim may be based on his Oracle presentation from 2016. There, he explains how his CTO and founder of Oracle collected data to help businesses predict consumer buying patterns.

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Lamborghini has pre-sold all production runs until early 2024, the company said on Tuesday. According to the CEO, the car company is enjoying “high demand” and has order books for the next 18 months. According to a TechXplore article, the reason orders are taking so long is because parts are running out due to lack of continuous supply he chain. Specifically, the lack of chips required for newer electric models is one factor in the latency. Lamborghini plans hybrid his versions of each model by 2024, and the first fully electric Lamborghini in late 2020.

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Twitch told its partner streamers in an email this week that the platform was ending a long-standing exclusivity deal that prohibited them from streaming on other services. Going forward, the partner will be able to stream on her YouTube, Facebook Live and other platforms. Noting that streamers use multiple platforms to connect with their communities, the company said the new move offers more opportunities to grow its audience outside of its platforms. As long as you can live stream on other platforms. However, this new update still has some rules. A streamer is not allowed to broadcast a Twitch stream to her YouTube or Facebook for an “extended period of time.” Twitch says it will allow simultaneous broadcasts to mobile services such as TikTok and Instagram Live.

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NASA recently shared an audio clip of the sound originating from a pressure wave passing through a cluster of galaxies from a black hole. “The misconception that there is no sound in space stems from the fact that most of space is a vacuum, offering no path for sound waves to travel. Clusters of galaxies contain so much gas that they actually We are picking up the sound of ,” NASA tweeted. The true tone is actually outside the human hearing range, 57 octaves below middle C. In order for humans to hear anything, NASA had to scale up the sound from its true pitch, raising it to 144 trillion times his original frequency and 288 trillion times his. Wondering what that sounds like? please listen.

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Hashtag Trends Aug 24 – Oracle Lawsuit. Lamborghini sells many cars. Twitch lets partner stream on his YouTube and Facebook

Source link Hashtag Trends Aug 24 – Oracle Lawsuit. Lamborghini sells many cars. Twitch lets partner stream on his YouTube and Facebook

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