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Hashtag Trends Aug 18 – Physical car handling just got better. Airbnb anti-party tool. AirTag solves another theft

Physical car knobs surpass digital knobs, Airbnb launches anti-party tool in North America, and AirTag data helps solve another theft case.

Welcome to hashtag trending. This is your host, Samira Bulsara, on Thursday, August 18th.

It turns out some things are better old fashioned. A test done by a Swedish car magazine found that drivers could complete car controls on the dashboard much faster and easier than with a touchscreen. The difference was big. In his 2005 Volvo V70 with physical controls, the driver was able to complete the set of tasks assigned to him in just 10 seconds. That’s much faster than the MG Marvel R’s touchscreen took him 44.6 seconds. Touchscreens look great and offer many advanced features, but they tend to distract drivers and are difficult to use without seeing them.

Accommodation platform Airbnb has launched a new tool in North America to stop people from hosting parties. The system filters guests based on their distance from your listing, whether they are booking for the weekend, and the length of their trip. A similar system is already being trialed by an Australian company from October 2021. And it seems to work too. The company says he has seen a 45% reduction in unauthorized parties in regions where the system has been implemented. If your reservation is rejected, we recommend that you book a private room or hotel room.

Apple’s AirTags are once again the mainstay of theft solving. A Florida airline employee has been arrested for stealing thousands of dollars worth of luggage thanks to AirTag data. When a traveler discovered her expensive luggage never made it to her destination, devastating evidence was gathered because her AirTag was activated at a temporary airport in Florida, local authorities launched an investigation that eventually resulted in the arrest of an airline employee. An airline employee admitted to removing the tracker, but not before it was activated and reported its location.

The new Dodge Charge and Challenger will be electric. The new electric-only model will start shipping in his 2024. Dodge will issue a “last call” to buy them in his 2023 before the gas-powered variants are discontinued entirely. This new development surprised some. Many predicted that the company’s first electric car would be a RAM truck, not a muscle car. However, electric RAM trucks are still appearing. The company expects to announce further news regarding the development later this year.

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Hashtag Trends Aug 18 – Physical car handling just got better. Airbnb anti-party tool. AirTag solves another theft

Source link Hashtag Trends Aug 18 – Physical car handling just got better. Airbnb anti-party tool. AirTag solves another theft

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