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Hashtag Trend April 28 – Twitch Reduces Streamer Payments. Apple hides old apps.Tesla stock issues

Amazon’s Twitch streaming platform is considering reducing streamer payments to increase profits, Apple wants to hide unupdated apps, and Tesla shares suffer after buying Twitter. is.

Here’s all the tech news that’s currently trending. Welcome to Hashtag Trends. It’s Thursday, April 28th. I am your host, Samira Balsara.

Amazon-owned game-oriented streaming platform Twitch is reported to reduce streamer rewards. According to a Bloomberg article quoting an anonymous source, Twitch wants streamers to show more ads in their programs and reduce subscription fee cuts. The reduction can be up to 20% and the share streamer acquisition rate will drop from 70% to 50%. As with sites like Patreon, there are rumors of new multi-tiered subscriptions with different prices. That said, the same source states that the platform could ease the malicious intent of monopoly restrictions and allow creators to stream on other platforms.

Apple is expected to hide games and apps from the app store if they haven’t been updated for a long time. The company gave developers 30 days to submit updates for approval. According to Ars Technica, Apple has sent an email notifying app developers if they are at risk of losing their position in the store. That said, the email only requested an update and the criteria are not listed. If the update contains only app word changes, does it count? With some speculation here, Apple may just be cleaning up the spring to reduce the number of abandoned projects in the store. Regarding the payment structure, the company charges only $ 99 a year to developer accounts. There is no cost to list apps in the Apple Store using your account. Instead, the company charges a 30% fee for apps and in-app purchases.

Netflix and Tesla stocks are competing for who can fight the hardest. After Earon’s acquisition of Twitter, Tesla shareholders are worried about how it will affect stock prices. With the announcement of the acquisition, Tesla’s share price fell by more than 12% and its market value fell by $ 125 billion. Musk had borrowed about $ 45 billion from the bank to complete the transaction, so it’s unclear how he will repay. NPR reports that Mask may try to attract more investors or sell Tesla shares. This issue is further complicated by how Twitter affects its relationship with Tesla’s main market, China.

Brave, a privacy-centric browser, has announced new features that are incompatible with one of Google’s major features. Brave’s De-AMP feature skips pages rendered by Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages framework and jumps directly to the original page. According to Brave, De-AMP helps improve privacy because Google AMP considers it harmful to the web. AMP provides Google with more data about users’ browsing habits, claiming that it can be slower than regular pages. In addition, the company said the upcoming release of AMP 2.0 would be even worse in terms of privacy.

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Hashtag Trend April 28 – Twitch Reduces Streamer Payments. Apple hides old apps.Tesla stock issues

Source link Hashtag Trend April 28 – Twitch Reduces Streamer Payments. Apple hides old apps.Tesla stock issues

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