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Hashtag Trend April 27 – Backflash following Elon Musk’s Twitter deal, Brooklyn Library provides digital access to banned books.Meta

Elon Musk’s Twitter deal has sparked a backlash, the Brooklyn Public Library will provide digital access to banned books, and Meta will open its first store.

Here’s all the tech news that’s currently trending. Welcome to Hashtag Trends. It’s Wednesday, April 27th. I’m your host, Tom Lee.

After the news of Elon Musk’s Twitter transaction hit the web, there was a backlash from people and the government. Brussels warned Musk that Twitter must obey the EU’s new digital rules under his ownership, or he could face heavy fines or even bans. Thierry Breton, EU’s domestic market commissioner, told the Financial Times that after Twitter was sold to Mask for $ 45 billion, Mask would have to follow the rules for moderation of online content. In addition, some celebrities have expressed concern about the movement of the mask. Actress Jameela Jamil tweeted that she was leaving the platform, and New York Times columnist Charles Blow said she was considering farewell to the app. Following the news, the hashtag “Good Bye Twitter” appeared.

Source: Ars Technica

After recent attempts to remove reading materials from US schools and libraries, the Brooklyn Public Library (BPL) teen-led initiative, Books UnBanned, aims to provide digital access to banned books. It is said that. The BPL announced this week that teens can enroll in library cards and receive access to hundreds of banned and challenged books in digital and audiobook formats. In 2021, the American Library Association reports the most challenges to the ban on libraries and individual books since the association began collecting this information 20 years ago. Most of the banned content is for teenage viewers and was written by blacks or LGBTQ + people. And for the past two years, Texas and Florida governments have made serious efforts to discourage or ban education on issues related to systematic racism and LGBTQ + issues. The new program will provide users with access to the BPL’s digital catalog, regardless of location. In the first two days of the program, 200 teenagers registered and received a total of more than 700 applications.

Source: Deputy

Meta will open a physical store in May to promote its products for the virtual world. On May 9, the Meta Store in California will showcase all the physical products it sells, including products such as the Meta Quest 2 VR system. The company’s first retail store will be located in a 1,550-square-foot space on the Burlingame Campus in Meta, California. The campus has some of Meta’s VR and AR-specific development efforts that will allow the general public to test and purchase Meta’s physical products. Visitors can try out many games and apps on the MetaQuest VR system. In addition, the store offers a “demo wall” that shows people outside the headset what VR users are seeing.according to Ars TechnicaThe demo station will feature a camera that captures gameplay sessions and combines real and virtual footage with a user-accessible 30-second “mixed reality” video clip.

Source: Ars Technica

In response to the severe COVID-19 blockade in Shanghai, a video containing a montage of an audio clip titled “April Voice” was widely shared on WeChat, highlighting the human casualties of the blockade. Shortly after the video became widespread, Chinese state censors began removing it from the platform, urging people to find a unique way to evade censorship and continue to share the video. Essentially all technical tools were used to circumvent or deceive censorship, Technology Review reported. Some tactics included disguising the video by embedding the video in another clip, overlaying the audio on another video, or sharing a link using a QR code. rice field. As the videos were further censored, more and more ideas for keeping them online emerged. People re-uploaded copies to their personal accounts, some saved the video on the blockchain, others created it as an NFT. People even put the original audio under party promotions and popular anime footage, hoping to fool algorithmic censorship.

Source: Technology review

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Hashtag Trend April 27 – Backflash following Elon Musk’s Twitter deal, Brooklyn Library provides digital access to banned books.Meta

Source link Hashtag Trend April 27 – Backflash following Elon Musk’s Twitter deal, Brooklyn Library provides digital access to banned books.Meta

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