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Greatest Moments In Canadian Sporting History

Canada is a country that loves its sports. And there are multiple types played within the country. But, over the years, there have been some stand-out sporting moments in Canadian history, and they’re arguably what put continue to put Canada on the map from a sports perspective.

The Raptors Are Champions Of The NBA

Basketball has always had a degree of popularity in Canada, with many tuning in to watch the NBA action unfold. However, things changed forever in 2019 when the Toronto Raptors became the first Canadian team to lift the Larry O’Brien trophy. The growth in popularity where basketball was concerned from that moment was off the scale, and more Canadians wanted to get involved with the sport. And while watching the NBA, being able to legally bet on sports online and even enjoy your favourite casino games has further increased the eyes on the sport since 2019.

The Toronto Blue Jays Make It Back-To-Back Successes

The Toronto Blue Jays pulled off an extraordinary feat in 1993 by becoming back-to-back baseball champions. And while this may not appear to be outstanding from the outside looking in, it’s how they achieved the two consecutive title wins that made it special and a moment to remember. They were down and looking like victory had slipped from their grasp, but one swing of the bat changed everything. And Joe Carter was the man to make it happen, with every fan living the moment through him.

Canada Win The Summit-Series

The Summit Series saw eight games being played in the midst of the Cold War across Canada and the Soviet Union in 1972. No professionals were involved back then playing on the Olympic scene, and the Soviets were the team to beat. But Canada wanted to make a statement. And, after being 3-1 down, with one tie, after five games, it seemed like the Soviets were once again going to prove to be far too strong. However, Paul Henderson had other ideas, scoring the winning goal in the next three fixtures, handing victory to Canada.

Andreescu Is The US Open Champion

Canada have often held their own on the tennis front. But it’s been a case of being there or thereabouts. However, in 2016, that all changed thanks to Bianca Andreescu. After bagging the local Rogers Cup, Andreescu was determined for more success, but nobody thought she could go to the US Open and mount a serious challenge, never mind winning the tournament. But, Andreescu made it all the way to the final before facing off against the great Serena Williams in the final in New York. And she won, cementing herself and Canadian tennis in history forever.

While the above sporting moments are going to make Canadians feel proud. They serve as inspiration too. There are plenty of people involved in various sports across the country. And you never know; they could see what has been achieved before and go on to create their own memorable sporting moment.

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