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Great training to do when it’s hot

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Exercising in the heat can be disastrous —Therefore, exercise outdoors early in the morning or late at night to rehydrate and All other good things..But what if it covers the safety angle? And are you bravely trying to confront the heat? Here are some top picks on how to stay active in hot and humid weather:

Swimming (of course)

The pool is a great place for hot days, but it doesn’t have to be just for splashing or relaxing.Find a pool with a lap lane When Practice freestyle (Or backstroke, or whatever you like). If you haven’t swam for a while, do a technique drill and do aerobic exercise on the kickboard. If you are a more experienced swimmer, do full training.

Paddleboard or kayak

Man-powered crafting into the water is a wonderful combination of heat and coolness. The sun will beat you ( No Forget sunscreen), but you can also soak your feet in water on any occasion. In kayaking, it’s easy to convince yourself that the sweat that drips from your back is actually a splash of lake. Even better Try Paddleboard Yoga.. You will probably fall at least once —Refreshing!


It’s free and you can do it anywhere. It becomes more flexible when the muscles are warm. That is one of the reasons. Hot yoga I am very satisfied. Bring your yoga mat out on a damp day and pretend you just paid $ 20 for your privileges. (Also, you No Practice support Problematic founder.. ) Follow your favorite yoga video or try the old-fashioned method Stretch routine..


The higher the intensity of exercise, the higher the body temperature. For example, running feels hotter than walking.So take this opportunity to move at a slower pace Check out the scenic and shaded areas. A Walk in the forest Great as an alternative to jogging on the track.


Sweat is a way to cool our bodies, but it needs evaporation to function. So it feels great to sit in front of a box fan, even though the fan is already blowing air at the same temperature as the surroundings. Fast-moving air helps evaporate sweat on the skin.

The wind rush you feel on your face when you are cycling does the same. Emphasize the contrast with the hills (difficult up, cruise down) or find a flat road that can keep pace.

Strength training with long rest

Usually, if you’re a type of circuit or crossfit-style workout that maintains your heart rate, take the time to do intensive gym workouts. that’s all About strength. After repeating a few times, lift something heavy enough to require a break, then sit down (preferably in front of the fan or A / C). 3-5 minutes.. You deserve it.

Great training to do when it’s hot

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