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Google Meet and Google Duo merger officially kicks off

Announced on June 2nd, 2022, the Google Meet and Google Duo integration has officially begun. In the coming weeks, Google Duo will be rebranded as Google Meet to include all Google Meet features and combine video calling and meetings across mobile and web into “one connected solution.” The original Google Meet app will remain until further notice.

The merger of Google Duo and Google Meet means there are two “Google Meet” apps that confuse users. According to a help article released by Google, users should update their apps. The Google Duo app icon will then change to the Google Meet icon, while the current Google Meet app icon will change to Meet (Original). Google Meet-only users will be redirected to the new version (the updated Google Duo app) once the update is fully deployed.

According to Google, these updates will come out at different times for users around the world.

Merging requires no app downloads or additional fees, and all calls, messages and contacts will remain after the change.

The updated Duo app allows users to create, schedule, and join meetings, use in-meeting chat, customize virtual backgrounds, add closed captions, and upgrade from the current limit of 32 people to a maximum of Allows interaction with 100 users. Existing Google Duo features such as video calling, filters and effects, messages, and Google Assistant will remain intact.

However, Google Duo users whose accounts are set up with only a mobile phone number will need a Google account to access all meeting features. Access to premium meeting features also depends on the user’s subscription plan.

Google has yet to announce when Meet (original) will be released. discarded and said: We’ll let you know when you should transition to the new app experience. ”

Google Meet and Google Duo merger officially kicks off

Source link Google Meet and Google Duo merger officially kicks off

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