Google AI can help you get your next job

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When preparing for a job interviewWhere I go first This is Google.After all, a company search engine is the starting point for learning about your potential company, workshoping possible questions, and getting away from it. Knowledgeable When Preparation.. Google is now further enhancing its interview games —By implementing an interview tool with artificial intelligenceligence.Before asking your parents for an interview Check out the advice, Google’s solution.

Anyone can practice interviews using Google’s AI

This artificial intelligence is “Interview warm up, “A simple and powerful program that can be used to practice common interview questions in different professions. Google currently has six different job types to choose from, including data analytics, e-commerce, IT support, project management, UX design, and general (if the previous five job types don’t match your job type). Whichever program you choose, the basic experience is the same.nAI-supported interview trainer Useful Answer your questions as effectively as possible.

When you first select a profession to practice your interview with, you will be presented with a series of five common interview questions about that role. You can use your voice or keyboard to answer these questions that you think are appropriate. The twist here is that when you’re done, interview warm-up artificial intelligence analyzes your answers and highlights aspects of your response in three key areas: work-related terms, most often used. The words that are spoken, and the points of the story.

How Google’s AI Helps Strengthen Interview Skills

For job-related terms, the interview warm-up picks out the words used in the answers that are likely to apply to the job being interviewed. For example, when practicing in a “general” position, it emphasized my use of the word “focus”. You can also click the Show All Terms button to get a glimpse of the dictionary of job-related terms your program is looking for. Commit them to memory, if any, are specifically related to the role you are trying to hook into.

The most commonly used words are another useful section that emphasizes commonly used terms. The interview warm-up emphasizes that repeated words are not necessarily bad. Especially if they are related to that position. but, It’s a good idea to make sure you haven’t unknowingly used the same unwanted word over and over again.

Finally, there is a point to talk about. Interview Warmup scans your answers for any of your experiences, skills, lessons learned, goals, or interests. In my answer, the program found only sentences that fit the lessons learned, so I think I need to tackle my point.By category, You can see an example of the types of story points you can include in your answer. As an experience, you can mention previous roles and education, but as for goals, you can talk about what success means to you.

You can review this information at the end of each answer and edit the answer accordingly. However, if you answer all five questions, you can see all the answers at once and see the entire “interview” from a zoomed-out perspective. Also, don’t be afraid to experience it again. WThe program only offers 5 questions at a time, but there are far more questions than bank questions.

  • Data analysis: 66 questions
  • E-Commerce: 49 Questions
  • IT Support: 41 Questions
  • Project Management: 42 Questions
  • UX Design: 50 Questions
  • General: 14 questions

The interview is rewarding: YYou need to summarize your experience and skills while showing how you can apply them to the new challenges of this potential role. The best thing you can do to prepare for an interview is to practice. The interview warm-up is a great start.Getting used to talking about yourself and answering these types of questions out loud can be very helpful. Both your ability and self-confidence. If you are looking for a new job, or if you are curious about how you behave under pressure, try this app.

Google AI can help you get your next job

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