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Get “Girl Drink Drunk” with Strawberry Daiquiri

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Before I took the cocktail seriously, there were two major associations I would have created if you had spoken to me the word “strawberry daiquiri”. The first thing that comes to mind is a 90’s plastic Costco-sized neon red chemical formulation.Graphic font in the era of labels. It is poured into some kind of industrial machine, where it freezes and turns into a sugar slash full of future hangovers.

The second is “Drunk girlA sketch from Kids in the Hall.Very dark and very funny riffs in the movie Wine and rose days This shows Dave Foley being corrupted by his boss (Kevin Macdonald) through a delicious “girl’s drink” with bright eyes, bushy tails, tea totals, and a newly promoted business VP. Of course, this leads his downward spiral to alcoholism. It is filled only with elaborate, time-consuming, fruity formulations and is filled with multiple ingredients and festive decorations. At some point, he instructed his boss how to make it a “squash strawberry array cat.”

Kevin: Gee, Ray I … I don’t think I know that.

Dave: Well, it’s really very easy, Russ. Twelve big chopped strawberries, three ounces of dark lamb, and …

Kevin: Good god.

Dave: … splash Claimed maintenance… shake gently and pour.

This strawberry daiquiri-style cocktail is made more delicious with fresh strawberries, but the process seems to be as painstaking and mysterious as making neon red slashes. (In any case, if you haven’t seen the skit yet, you need to actually see it.).

Genuine original daiquiri are neither lab-made nor boasting a table of contents of materials. In fact, it is the driving force behind the three component genres of lime juice, sugar and rum. Very easy. It’s very sacred. It really has nothing behind it, and this is where it may seem easy to do at first glance. But for a seasoned bartender, a daiquiri is an omelet for a seasoned chef. Experience what’s made of fine rum and fresh juice, shake it on a large ice rock and strain it into a chilled coupe, and you might want to keep in mind what the whole turmoil of craft cocktails is. .. In addition to its fresh seasonal mixed strawberries, you may find that the chef is kissing the air just thinking about it, as it is now.

But of course I already told you How i feel About shaking-If I have a duty to make it myself, I’ll upload a cocktail. So this is a fix, but not a very fun version of this very tasty drink. I think this will be my favorite this summer. Instead of shaking it and rubbing it on the coupe, I like to rub it on cracked ice. It reduces the amount of shaking time and manual labor. As always, treat this as a template and don’t hesitate if you think you need improvisation. Swap strawberries for raspberries, or mIf making a simple syrup is a hassle, add 2 sugar cubes or 1 tablespoon of sugar. If there is no light, try dark rum. etc

Strawberry daiquiri

  • 1-2 sliced ​​strawberries
  • 1 ounce of fresh lime juice
  • 3/4 oz simple syrup
  • 2 ounces of light rum

Place the strawberry slices in a shaker and muddy. Add other ingredients, put ice in a shaker, shake quickly, and strain on fresh ice (preferably cracked) in a chilled rock glass.

Get “Girl Drink Drunk” with Strawberry Daiquiri

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