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General affairs expert day is enough

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Today is the day of general affairs expert, wThe existence of this very special day of honor goes unnoticed by many every year.there that is Someone who knows it. AEvery Wednesday, the last full week of April, some people post seriously on social media and get flowers and donuts for their office personnel. But oThey really look down It..

Let’s talk Why you might want to stop celebrating it altogether..

What is the history of General Affairs Expert Day?

Like Many of our holidays, This has a long history lost over time. In 1942, the National Secretariat Association was established to emphasize and support managers. There was a shortage of people in the industry at the time, partly due to the decline in fertility rates during the Great Depression and the post-war business boom. The NSA was renamed to the International Secretariat in the early 1980s and then to the Association of International Administrative Experts in 1998 after several name changes.

President Mary Barrett of the NSA and several other experts have worked to create a holiday that even has a registered trademark. US Secretary of Commerce Charles W. Sawyer first declared National Secretary Week in June 1952, and the First National Secretary’s Day was hosted by the NSA on June 4 of that year.

Like the NSA Holiday itself I have experienced some identity changes. In 1955, compliance for that week was transferred to the last week of April, Wednesday was the day of general affairs experts. In 1981, the same year that the NSA first renamed it, the week became Professional Secretaries Week. In 2000, it switched to Management Expert Week.

Basically, in an era when few managers were in place, champions thanked field experts for everything they did to keep their business running smoothly and to get others into the ranks. I wanted to save some time. It’s very simple — or at least at the time.

Who do you like this holiday?

General Affairs Expert Day Trends on Twitter May bosses and employees celebrate the managers of their offices. Indeed, as the COVID-19 pandemic leaves the home, it turns out that those who continue to work are really important. There are congratulatory GIFs from management experts and kind people Messages from business accounts That honor Office staff by nameIt’s all very nice.

Curly Wilson, Lead Marketing Strategist at Planet Depos, Publish the list Some of the ways bosses can celebrate admins this year. From coffee to taking a break, she advocates different ways to show her secretary and her companions how much they really are worth.

Now, who can oppose General Affairs Day?

It’s not surprising to know that, like everything else, something that looks as harmless as a day celebrating office personnel is actually quite fragmented. Some people want the end of the holiday, just as some people celebrate with break room treats and well-meaning posts.

2011, a sociologist andssociate pProfessor at Tulane University, Summarized the criticism Like this in tSocial page: “Secretary’s Day is a fairly recent fake holiday, conveniently between Easter and Mother’s Day (for florists, card makers, candy and cookie bakeries), mainly for capitalist cash flow. Helps to strengthen. Need a product to show your gratitude? We have them! From cakes to gift baskets to greeting cards. “

She called this holiday “dishonest.” That’s because it reveals how devaluated administrative assistants are declining in value every other year. Therefore, “I will publish what I claim to actually dissolve.” terrible.

2014, tHe produces the news Call the reader The flower industry says holidays for flower sales “may be sleeping giants” and take advantage of pre-emptive advertising, customer service, visual merchandising, and this sales boom between Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. We advise you on the distribution of high quality products for. The message certainly influences criticism from non-flower industry workers that this holiday is just another example of virtue signaling to grab capitalists’ money and make money.

Allison Green, who writes about workplace issues, called the day “a patronage and insult.” 2015 column for US News & World ReportGo by saying that it adds to the under problem-Thanks to management professionals, “by getting more jobs and categorizing managers differently than others.”

The criticism is fair. It could also be true that this day is a capitalist scam that gives us the opportunity to celebrate them with other our management professionals.Here’s a simple solution: thanks to secretaries, coordinators, assistants, coding managers, etc. every day.. Please say “Thank you” often.Bring snacks on random days, not just days It pops up in your iCal and reminds you what you should do. Don’t wait for it as you don’t need the specified holiday to be decent.

General affairs expert day is enough

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