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Frozen prunes are actually amazing

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Prunes are being abused. We do not treat other dried fruits with about the same kind of explicit contempt.all rightYou may poop when the fiber content is high, but when was this bad? It’s time to accept the prunes for what it is: A fun snack packed with nutrients and sweetness in one bite. Can’t you agree?I dare you pop some in the freezer after that Please tell us your thoughts.Besides, it’s hot outside like hell and I need more Cold snack..

I also hated prunes (honestly, the problem might be juice), but after getting a cold, chewy stuff from the freezer, I converted. It was a college student, I had a roommate with celiac disease, and she had a lot of gluten-free snack options. When she reached out behind the ice cubes and pulled out the prunes bag, she immediately defended them by saying, “When it freezes, it doesn’t taste like prunes,” so my face says ” You must have read “ewwww”. The university is for experiments, so I tried it.

Frozen prunes are great. They are sweet, almost syrup-like, and despite being in the freezer, they do not harden. Does it taste like prunes? Yes, because it’s a prune. I got lost somewhere and misunderstood that the prunes tasted bad. Prunes have the same prominent skin as other fruits, but the inside is soft and sweet. It’s very juicy. If you bite your skin and bite into some kind of muddy thing, you can feel uncomfortable. Freezing solves this problem by hardening the meat inside to the same texture as the skin, completely removing the strangeness of the contrasting texture, and chewing the whole like a gummy candy.A fruit Dry to this state It retains about 20% to 30% of water, so it freezes only semi-solid even when placed in the freezer for 1 hour or 2 weeks.

The image in the article titled Frozen Prunes is actually great

Photo: Allie Chanthorn Reinmann

To make delicious, cold, naturally gluten-free snacks, buy a prunes package and put the entire package in the freezer for at least 2 hours. Sometimes I like to change the flavor with Sun Sweet Ones “Essence”.Now i have Berry essence flavorAlthough only listed on the ingredients as a natural flavor, I’m also partial to Cherry Essence. (I’m having trouble with how much unwanted plastic this package uses, so I usually get a store branded 16 ounce container.)

If you can’t convince yourself to branch with prunes, you can do this with dried fruits of similar moisture content. Try this approach with dry apricots, cherries, dates, or peaches. Excellent results are obtained.rear It’s all summer, and when I go outside, I feel like I’m stepping into a hair dryer because of the high fever. All the food you put in your body Fun and cold..

Frozen prunes are actually amazing

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