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Facebook could block Canadian news over revenue sharing bill

Facebook has not ruled out parliamentary commissions to block news on Canadian platforms in response to controversial legislation that requires social media platforms to sign contracts with news publishers for content used online. Told.

“The simple answer is that we’re still evaluating the law. We didn’t know the scope of it until it was put on the table very recently. Facebook’s parent company Meta Rachel Curran, Canada’s Public Policy Manager, said the statement, which conservative MP Raquel Dancho said, “Similar to Facebook’s actions in Australia in response to the C-18. In response to Meta’s call, “Taking makes it clear that you’re not off the table.”

Bill C-18, also known as the Online News Act, has a negotiating imbalance measured by indicators such as global earnings to reach a fair agreement with news publishers monitored by government regulators. Requesting an online platform.

Once the C-18 goes into effect, online platforms such as Google and Facebook will be forced to share revenue with publishers. These tech giants will resort to binding negotiations and arbitration unless they reach a commercial agreement with a government-approved publisher that includes “fair compensation.”

An independent arbitrator will lead the negotiations, but the Canadian Radio-television Commission (CRTC) will become the general regulator and can fine non-compliant platforms up to $ 15 million per day. ..

The law is very similar to the one passed by the Australian Government last year and is the first country on which social media platforms require payment for news content to be displayed on websites.

Meanwhile, Karan said at a meeting of the same committee that Meta wasn’t discussing Canadian law, so the tech giant “needs to consider it fairly carefully before deciding what to do in the future.” rice field.

The allegations were challenged by the Department of Canadian Heritage office, claiming that it was Facebook who chose not to participate in the Canadian government-led talks at the end of last year.

Canada’s news media industry has long sought stricter regulations on tech giants from the government. Such a move said the publishing industry would pave the way for the economic loss caused by the dominant share of Facebook and Google’s advertising revenue (publishing industry bread), Butter said.

More than 450 media outlets in Canada have been closed since 2008, including 64 closures in recent years.

Facebook could block Canadian news over revenue sharing bill

Source link Facebook could block Canadian news over revenue sharing bill

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