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Exercise “for women” is garbage

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As an athletic woman, I find it strange that I always come across recommendations about the best exercises “for women.” There are many light exercises like the overhead press. Meanwhile, when I exercise, I just… lift something? Run or bike? Am I femininity wrong? Maybe, but that’s another story.

Men, women, and people of all genders can access the same toolbox of exercises and fitness techniques. Imagine the girliest girl and the most brotherly guy. Both can bird dogs. Both can lift barbells. Backgrounds and comfort levels may vary. In this example, Women are more likely than men to see a barbell for the first time.However, exercise advantage Each person is equal.

After reading many articles about the best exercises for women, I decided to google “best exercises for men.” Here’s what the internet says about what men should do:

  • bench press
  • biceps curl
  • pull up
  • push ups
  • Farmer’s Walk
  • kettlebell swing

And here are some of the common items on the list of best exercises for women.

  • planks
  • jumping jack
  • Squat (shown without weight added)
  • leg raise
  • Pushups (the only one to consistently make both lists)
  • shell
  • Single leg deadlift (using small dumbbells)
  • groot bridge
  • HIIT interval

Soon, women are in short supply. Men’s list is training. The women’s list is what I do to warm up.

Almost every list of “women’s” exercises I’ve found involves either no weight bearing or the smallest dumbbells. “Military Press,” but my face dropped when I saw the video demonstration of a woman raising her arms above her head over and over again. they have no weight at allSo what does she want?

weight lload is important

My complaint here isn’Not only are heavy weights fun, I prefer them.Honestly, if you enjoy calisthenics, you can build a ton of strength, muscle, stability and health that way. Pull-ups, push-ups, pistol squats, handstands and more. But it’s not listed as a “women’s” exercise.we see things change dramatically under– loaded.

As a beginner, this is enough.If you’re not ready to handle weights yet, you can empty-handed learn the military press moves, try them out with dumbbells, and then tackle the barbell. Women’s training, it beginner Good result. Men’s lists don’t do this—ta little easier We’ll show you the weighted move and give you some tips on how to start it with lighter weights if necessary.

There is a difference between doing beginner-level things with the understanding that you will move on immediately and doing beginner-level things in the sense that this is right for you forever. Better than Jane Fonda, recommends a 3-pound weight to start with, but says in the same breath that after using the tape for a while, you’ll need a 10-pound weight.I still need strength appropriately challenging exercises.

Furthermore, as a result Strength is important for healthLifelong strength training leads to significant gains in muscle mass and into old age. The older you get, the more likely you are to keep doing more for yourself.Prescribing women to meaningless busy work and encouraging men to exercise with weights is nothing more than a pay gap, but you need muscle instead of money.

Exercise “for women” is garbage

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