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Everything you have to do to keep your lawn mower running all summer

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Keeping your garden in good condition in summer and autumn may be sufficient for combating weather and weeds. Also, there is no need. On top of that the lawn mower problem.. but,Some lawn mowers The problem can be completely avoided —You can extend the life of your lawn mower. Perform basic maintenance Checklist every time Season.

Remove the lawn mower spark plug

Step 1 of lawn mower maintenance is to remove the spark plugs.For electric lawn mowers, unplug from power, For battery-powered lawnmowers, remove the battery.This is very important For your safety Prevent the lawn mower from starting During maintenance.. If you plan to keep all your fingers This step is important.If you notice The spark plug is worn and can be easily replaced yourself.Just use wrench To delete the old one Spark plug When Tighten a new one and replace it. AVoid over-Tightening —1/4 turn your finger-All you need is tight.

Remove the leaves every time you mow

MeIt’s important to do it regularly Remove leaves and other debris Lawn mower blades and decks.To do soTurn the lawn mower sideways—After removing the power supply —Any brush Leaves and grass from the deck area above the blade, Not just from the blade itself Wire brush or Bristle plastic brush..Internal leaf accumulation the Deck can be the cause Overheating or Jam up the lawn mower..

Change the lawn mower oil

Another simple maintenance task for gas-The electric lawn mower is to change the oil on a regular basis. Before cleaning up the lawn mower at the end of the season, drRemove the old oil by removing the plug at the bottom of the oil tank and allowing the oil to flow into the pan. If you are using a lawn mower without a plug, you will need to turn it upside down to drain. This can be easily done by leaning against a wall or sawhorse. Some plastics are degraded by oil, so you should use a metal pot instead of plastic (disposable Lasagna tray is a good option)..When the oil is drained, replace the plug or erect the mower to refill the tank with new ones. oil..

Please replaceir filter

Every season of mowing, or at least Especially after the smoky season — cIt helps extend the life of the lawn mower and improve its performance. Replacing the air filter or cleaning the reusable permanent filter will reduce engine wear and improve the efficiency of the mower.A clean filter as the gas engine needs to draw in air for it to function make Your lawn mower is cheap to run, and Useful Prevents overheating.

fog That engine

For annual maintenance, we also recommend a method called engine fogging. Remove the outer cover of the lawn mower and coat the inside of the carburetor and spark plugs. Fogging oil It helps prevent these important areas from getting wet during the mowing season. This needs to be done at the end of the season, and As always, it needs to be removed Spark plug before trying this task.

Empty the fuel tank

The fuel tank must also be emptied before the lawn mower can be cleaned up for the season. This is because the gas can deteriorate over time by further evaporating the flammable material or collecting the condensate. Prolonged use of fuel in the tank can corrode and damage the tank, so it is recommended that you use up all the fuel or empty the tank before storing it in cold weather. When discharging, keep in mind that gasoline is flammable and vapors are very flammable. Exhaust the gas in a very well-ventilated place without sparks, and dispose of the gas properly when the work is finished.

sharpen And balance blade

Sharpening and balancing the lawn mower blades is an annual maintenance task. If you are challenging, you can. SHarp blade Mowing grass more easily, saving fuel costs and doing this battery-The lawn mower Extend battery life..The best option for beginners Blade sharpening kit for lawnmowers.. They come with a rotary grindstone that can be used with standard drills and a guide to help balance the blade. YYou need to remove the blade blade-Removal tool Blade Deputy For sharpening. MBe sure to wear appropriate safety equipment such as goggles and gloves. cTilt the metal filing using a shopback or magnet to avoid metal debris.If you don’t have the tools or time to sharpen your blade, you can take a lawn mower and ask a specialist to repair it. Once per season.

Everything you have to do to keep your lawn mower running all summer

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