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Everything you can do with a locked iPhone

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You can’t pick up a stranger’s iPhone and use it as your own iPhone. Authentication methodMake sure that only people you can trust with us can access your iPhone, such as Face ID, Touch ID, and passcode. But even if you can’t check someone’s message or open Instagram without first unlocking your phone, there’s a surprising amount of things to do. can conduct. Here is the complete list.

SSome of these options depend on the specific security settings enabled on the iPhone in question. If someone disables access to one of these options on the lock screen, it won’t work for you. but, many Not all of these options have such settings available. So most of these should work on every iPhone you come across. If you want to make changes after reading what’s available on your iPhone when locked, scroll to the bottom of this section. It also describes the options that can be disabled on the lock screen...

You can use the camera

From the shortcut in the lower right corner, you know that there are several ways to quickly access the camera from the lock screen, whether you swipe left on the screen or use the control center tiles. However, if your iPhone is locked, none of these options will be blocked. This means that anyone can access the iPhone camera at any time. They can take pictures and record videos. It’s basically one of the photo mode options you’ll usually find in the camera app.

That said, there’s not much you can do with photos and videos when shooting with a locked iPhone. can After snapping, tap the image thumbnail to see all the photos and videos taken during this session, but only those images. You can also swipe up to see additional information about your photos and videos, such as camera information and location, and add or remove images to your favorites, Visual lookupSharing and editing are locked.

You can use a flashlight

This is another obvious tip, but one that needs to be mentioned: YYou can use the flashlight on your iPhone without first unlocking it. You can use the flashlight shortcut in the lower left corner of the lock screen or use the Control Center tile (press and hold to select brightness). The next time you need to brighten your room, get an iPhone, any iPhone.

You can access today’s view

Today View, an assortment of widgets that you can access by swiping the lock screen to the right, may not be as used as Apple wants, but it’s still packed with information by default. You can access it without unlocking your iPhone. This means you can see harmless information such as news headlines, weather forecasts and inventory information, as well as personal information such as recent music activities, photos and calendar data.

However, not all widgets can be accessed without unlocking the iPhone. For example, the screen time widget is completely blank until you first authenticate yourself. This option can be disabled on the lock screen.

You can use search

Swipe down on the lock screen to search for almost anything, whether your iPhone is unlocked or not. When I try to open a web link or app, iOS shuts down, but I can access the Siri knowledge page from Wikipedia or a dictionary. You can also access the phone numbers of stores and other facilities. To give Apple a privacy prop, contacts aren’t displayed here, so you can’t use search to find out more about the iPhone owner’s friends and family.

This option can be disabled on the lock screen.

You can access the wallet

If the wallet is enabled on the lock screen, anyone can access the wallet by double-clicking the side button or home button, or from the Control Center tile. However, traditional Apple Pay will not work because credit cards still require authentication.what Will Jobs are NFC payments such as swipes to subway terminals, and gift and reward cards in wallets that use QR codes. You can disable the wallet on the lock screen.

You can access the home control

If the iPhone in question is connected to smart devices via the Home app, you can control those devices if the iPhone is locked. However, this setting can be overridden.

You can use Siri

By default, Siri is available while your iPhone is locked. This is very useful as you may not be able to see your iPhone when you want to ask a question to your digital assistant.But that’s Anyone You can ask Siri to do something by holding down the side or home button. Note: YYou can disable Siri on the lock screen.

Many tasks aren’t available without a passcode, Face ID, or Touch ID, that is Actions that Siri can perform on your behalf. Many of these are simple uses you’d expect from Siri, such as answering questions or setting timers. But others are a little surprising. Here are some:

You can make a phone call

With Siri, you can call anyone who knows your phone number. You can also call the contacts stored on your iPhone if you know the name, or you can call from the number you found in the search. You can return the call by default from the lock screen notification, but you can also disable this setting.

Yes, that means you can also make FaceTime calls using your locked iPhone.

You can send text to anyone

this is a bit about. In addition to the phone, Siri can send text to people on your behalf while your iPhone is locked.Great if you know the name of the contact: meIf not, you can choose the phone number in your head. Think twice before leaving your iPhone on the table while you go out for dinner with your “friends”.

You can pull up directions via Apple Maps

Ask Siri for directions on a locked iPhone and the assistant will pull them out on Apple Maps, regardless of who you are. If you get lost and come across an abandoned iPhone, I think it’s a good tip!

Create reminders, notes, and entire calendars

Again, Siri is very “useful” if your iPhone is locked. You can ask her to create a reminder at any time, or add a calendar entry for a possible event. Siri can also dictate notes, so you can organize anyone’s memo appSo far The iPhone you happen to have.

You can access the control center

Access to Control center From the lock screen is an important part of iPhone efficiency. However, you can access it regardless of whether your iPhone is locked. in short,[設定]Anyone can see the Control Center unless you disable the option with...

Here are some controls that require authentication before use, lots of do not. Some of these features are very minor, such as the ability to switch portrait locks and change brightness and volume. However, others are a little more worried. Let’s check the following.

[再生中]You can play music from the window

In the upper right corner of the control center[再生中]You can access the window at any time. If there are songs or podcasts in the cue, anyone can tap the play button to resume the music. This also applies to audio output. You can tap the AirPlay button to send the music to any available source. You can also control one of the AirPlay sources to change what is playing on that speaker.

Can control network and communication

The window in the upper left corner of the control center contains all communication options such as airplane mode, cellular data, wifi, Bluetooth, AirDrop, personal hotspot and more. All of these settings can be confusing at any time.

You can turn on silent (or another focus)

All focus modesIncluding silent mode, is always available from the Control Center. Anyone can activate the focus. In other words, you may miss important notifications without your knowledge.

You can enable screen mirroring

This is a slightly strange security mistake. Screen mirroring options are always available. This means anyone can project the iPhone display onto an AirPlay compatible source. That projection is pretty limited without the ability to unlock it, but there’s still more you can do to project it to the viewer on the iPhone.

You can access most control center tiles

The rest of the features in Control Center can be found via the “Tile” control. These are completely customizable and will vary from iPhone to iPhone. However, there are 19 options available regardless of whether someone has authenticated themselves, providing a ton of utilities for locked iPhones. The following is a complete list of control tiles in the Control Center that you can access at any time.

  • Accessibility shortcuts
  • alarm
  • Notification announcement (if available)
  • Apple TV Remote
  • calculator
  • camera
  • Code scanner
  • Dark mode
  • flashlight
  • House
  • Low power mode
  • Magnifying glass
  • Note
  • Shazam
  • voice recognition
  • Speakers (background sound, live listen, headphones compatible)
  • Stopwatch
  • font size
  • timer

The only Control Center tiles that are not available are screen recording, guided access, and voice memo. These are three options that shouldn’t be available to almost everyone. However, the same is true for other options such as alarms. I don’t want others to access my alarm without my permission: A A malicious friend could turn off important alarms without my knowledge, or even worse, set an alarm for something terrible like 3am.

You can turn off your iPhone

If you can’t access your locked iPhone You can certainly turn it off.. On most modern iPhone models, press and hold the volume up button and side button at the same time until you see the “Slide to power off” option.

You can access your medical ID

You can use this same button gesture to access a person’s Medical IDAnd thank you for the goodness. This option allows the iPhone owner to see important medical information for the owner if he or she cannot speak for himself.

You can access emergency SOS

In case of emergency, use this same button gesture Emergency SOS function, You will be able to contact the authorities from your iPhone.However, you should be able to ask Siri to dial 911 (for obvious reasons).I can’t test this).

You can access USB accessories

This setting is actually disabled by default and may not work. However, if this is not the case, you can use the USB accessory with your locked iPhone. Nowadays, you’ll either connect your iPhone to your computer or use CarPlay via USB.

Everything you can disable on the iPhone lock screen

So you think to yourself “I don’t like people using Siri to send texts to friends” or “I’m reluctant to have someone access my Starbucks rewards card at any time” .. TThe settings to resolve these issues are: You can’t lock the lock screen like Fort Knox, but you can block some of the most important security holes.

go To Settings> Face ID and passcode (Also Touch ID and passcode),[ロック時にアクセスを許可]Scroll down to. All items here can be disabled and will not be accessible until you unlock your iPhone. They include:

  • View and search today
  • Notification Center
  • Control center
  • Siri
  • Reply with message
  • Home control
  • wallet
  • Return missed call
  • USB accessories

Everything you can do with a locked iPhone

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