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Everyone should use iOS 16’s Safety Check feature

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When iOS16Apple brings even more Bring privacy-focused features to your iPhone.we have already discussed lockdown modeprotect your data if you suspect you are being targeted by sophisticated attackers. cyber attackNot necessarily a universal use case, but another new feature Safety Check is useful for everyone who uses iPhone. Quickly see who has access to data on your device.Your location, shared notes, home access, and more —and cancel Those rights right away.

Previously, you had to manually find shared calendars, notes, etc. Remove one person at a time.all Other security settings were also located elsewhere. iOS 16 uses safety checks to do the work for you and reduce the risk that someone is at risk. access your information without your permission;

Why use iOS 16 Safety Check?

Safety Check is your iPhone security hub. It should be checked regularly to ensure that unauthorized devices or persons cannot access your data and activities. You can see which apps have access to your iPhone’s sensors and personal data, and make sure that unused apps aren’t accessing this information without your knowledge.

Refer to this section to easily Remove a user from shared accessIf you forget that others can see some of your notes and calendar entries, you may have allowed others to see them. More data than intended. Additionally, users with access to the Home app can control their smart devices such as home lights, doors, and smart speakers. This can lead to undesirable situations such as your ex being able to see your shopping list or planned trips, or being confused. smart devices in your home.

safety can be confirmed also stop It prevents you from accidentally spamming people. If you want to share your notes with others, and receive a notification whenever you make an edit. Collaborate using Notes vacation planning, once the trip is complete, the shared notes become useless.If someone accidentally opens this note and changes something By mistake, everyone receives annoying notifications.

How to use Safe Check in iOS 16

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Safety check is a function of iOS 16, so for now iOS 16 Beta must be installed to checkoutIf you feel comfortable taking the risk of beta software, Please follow the instructions here Download and install the latest iOS 16 beta on your iPhone.

To use Safety Check, go to: Settings > Privacy & Security > Safety Check on your iPhone.you can go to Manage sharing and access start.

Tap continue On the next page, your iPhone will display a list of people you’ve shared notes and calendars with. Select the one you want to remove, then information Tabs on the same page.

[情報共有]On the page, you can see how many people have access to your shared calendars, notes, or home app.Select one of these and tap share reviewsSelect the entry again on the next page and tap . stop sharingYou will have to tap this button again to confirm.

On the next page, you can see which apps have access to your iPhone’s data and sensors. It’s best to go to information Open a tab, select each category and tap Stop access to apps.

The final page asks you to confirm your account security. ⅤPlease ensure that all devices listed on this page are yours and that you are using them. If you sell or give away any of the devices listed on this page, Select them and delete them. D.o The same is true if any of the devices belong to someone else.

worldNext is our iPhone You will be asked to confirm that your trusted phone numbers and emergency contacts are up to date. 〇Only keep the people you trust and remove the restYou will also be asked if you want to update your Apple ID password and iPhone passcode.

If you find yourself in a situation that requires confirmation no one If you have access to your data, you can tap emergency reset. This option immediately resets access to all these settings at once. It’s a drastic move, but it can be essential in some situations.

Once done, you can be sure that information on your iPhone cannot be accessed without your permission. If you continue to use the Safety Check feature once every few months (if not more),), it is reassuring to know Your data is safe.

Everyone should use iOS 16’s Safety Check feature

Source link Everyone should use iOS 16’s Safety Check feature

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