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Everyone should sit down when they pee

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People with penises: If you’ve been standing up to pee, it’s time to rethink your posture when urinating. The standing position is (arguably) the most common urinating position in the Western world among people with a penis, but it is not universal. and there is evidence that the paradigm is shifting, even among pee-tolerant cultures. For example, in Japan, August 2020 poll It showed that 70% of men were sitting, compared to 51% five years ago. Beyond cultural conditioning, which claims that urination styles are (or should be) gendered, there aren’t many good reasons to stand up, and many reasons to sit down.

The right choice for those with prostate problems

If you have an enlarged prostate or other lower urinary tract symptoms, you probably need to sit and pee. Researcher in Urology, Leiden University Medical Center We investigated how the posture during urination affects “maximum urinary flow rate,” “urination time,” and “residual urine volume after urination.” Here are their conclusions:

Sitting empties the bladder more completely, which reduces complications such as cystitis and bladder stones. It’s not a negligible effect either. The study found that body posture “can affect urodynamic parameters … to an extent that approaches pharmacological interventions”. However, choosing a urinal over a urinal has many non-medical benefits.

Science says it’s cleaner

If you’ve ever cleaned a men’s toilet, I doubt you’d need scientific proof of the disruption caused by standing.but if so, physicists Tad Truscott and Randy Hurd at Brigham Young University deep dive He investigated the ‘splashback’ caused by urination and presented his findings at the 66th Annual Meeting of the Fluid Mechanics Division of the American Physical Society in 2013.

Using high-speed cameras, knowledge of fluid mechanics, and a custom-built urination simulation machine called “The Water Angle Navigation Guide,” these genius kids are taught that urine is directed at a more downward angle and that the urinary I concluded that the bounce can be reduced if they are closer. on target.you can see I demonstrated it in this video.

The best way to get the best angle and position is to sit in a chair. BBC.

Splashbacks are not only uncomfortable, they are a legitimate health concern. especially in hospitalsas it can facilitate the spread of harmful bacteria.

Disagreement over toilet seat location

According to extensive research done by hacky stand-up comedians in the 1990s, Choosing to sit while peeing would eliminate most of the domestic debate in our country. that’s all put the toilet sit. (Female, Amiright?)

low noise

For me, Sit down Standing is situational. It’s not like you’re sitting in a stall at a ballpark or anything like that, but if you’re at home, you might decide to hang out. However, there is one situation where I always choose to sit. That is when I am visiting someone else’s house. quieter, cleaner And I want to be a good guest.

more choice is a positive thing

I won’t go into detail here, but sitting gives you options that standing doesn’t.

“Fast” vs. “Why are you in a hurry?”

One of the main reasons in favor of standing up to pee is that it’s faster, more efficient, and able to meet the constant demand for action in our fast-paced society. Another is that men should stand and pee, and women should sit and pee. S.Doing it while peeing is an insult to both arguments. It is a violation of both outdated gender norms and our puritanical work ethic.sit and pee teeth Not only does it show solidarity with women, men with certain disabilities, and men without a penis, but it also strikes a blow at capitalist monopolies by stealing a few minutes of even our most private moments..

Honestly, I’m mostly for it, so I spend more time looking at Twitter. If you’re fiddling with your phone while standing and peeing, it’s only a matter of time before you drop it in the toilet.

Everyone should sit down when they pee

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