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Escape “Grind Mentality” and stop saving all pennies

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If you’ve come across an internet subculture of motivational speaker entrepreneurs, you know They will advise you to work as hard as you can with your youth to save as much money as you can one day 1) vVery abundant 2) I am very happy. TikTok star Gary Vainerchuk is proud When he was in his twenties, he didn’t go on vacation or buy fashionable things. And real eState investor and writer Grant Cardone Advise his followers, “Don’t spend time and money on things, toys, holidays, or moments.” That way, you can devote all your resources to self-improvement to become a millionaire.

Must be adopted a “Grind mentality”?

This idea has become colloquially known as “grind mentality,” and some financial experts have warned of its shortcomings. That’s because there are costs associated with stopping spending money to increase your savings. Angela Travillian of Investopedia warns Saving too much can actually reduce your quality of life during work and cause excessive financial stress. CNBC’s Anna Hecht Point out that ignoring current needs is not always feasible, as people today work longer than they used to. Basically, if you satisfy your life about trying to save all possible penny, you will be unhappy with yourself.

The spirit of grinding can also lead to anything Fortune said, “Extremely frugal,This is when spending is considered bad, no matter how much money you have. Those who fall into extreme frugality warn that they can risk missing out on investing in tools that can simplify some aspects of their lives and enjoy access to what they care about and their experiences. I am. So how do you not learn extreme frugal thinking?

Find your “survival number”

Sounds scary, but it’s not. Your survival count is the amount you need to survive each month if you cover only the minimum needs.Calculation Your survival numbers give you a complete picture of your financial situation and allow you to see exactly what you have left to invest, save, or spend on yourself. Julie-Time Magazine’s Armata Velas Created This downloadable spreadsheet To help you find your surviving number.This should help If you’re worried that you don’t have enough, relieve your anxiety.“

Indulge — but In a financially responsible way

One former Lifehacker writer said it best when she wrote“If your ultimate goal is to get rich, or at least to reach financial independence, you can’t get there anyway if you stop drinking coffee in the middle of work.” Of course, she’s right. But if you leap to jump to yourself like that, Find a way to make it difficult for you Most of you “Fun money” priorities..

Do you like going to the movies? Instead of spending every visit Consider one of your monthly cinema plans. Execute yDo you enjoy having lunch outside the house once in a while? obtain most Swipe for your money By playing the app for deals.. Want to travel at an affordable price?know When to get the cheapest flight aHow to get the most out of your economy..

Seek professional help as needed

Psychology and Affect Coordination Center We define extreme frugality as a potential symptom of obsessive-compulsive personality disorder. Dr. Robert Hudak, Of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, recommendation You ask If “frugality negatively impacts relationships and quality of life because you can’t spend your time and money on fun and relaxation,” seek professional help. Dr. Fugen Nezilogle, New York City Institute for Biological Behavior Said Daily health It is possible to get treatment for OCPD, It can take a year or more to gain control.

Tools like Treatment choice It’s the perfect option to use to connect with mental health professionals who specialize in treating OCPD.

Escape “Grind Mentality” and stop saving all pennies

Source link Escape “Grind Mentality” and stop saving all pennies

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