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Eight social boundaries that question our shared reality

Images of an article titled Eight Social Quantities that doubt our shared reality 8 social criteria that question our shared reality

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When you order soups and salads from the restaurant, you can serve almost anything, including cereal bowls and bloody mary.

The salad is According to Meliam-Webster“Any of a variety of usually cold dishes: a) etc. Raw vegetables (such as lettuce) are often served in combination with other vegetables and toppings, especially with dressings. b) Small foods (pasta, meat, fruits, vegetables, etc.) are usually mixed with dressings (mayonnaise, etc.) or set in gelatin. “

The words “normal” and “especially” put a lot of strain here. By this definition, salads are sometimes hot and sometimes without dressings, and if you really want to stretch it, almost any food containing two or more ingredients can be considered a salad. A bowl of mixed nuts is a salad.If you throw a pineapple To your jero, it’s a salad. Applying blue cheese to the chicken wings will dress the small pieces of meat.In other words, a salad.

In the 1964 Jacobelis v. Ohio case, Judge Potter Stewart of the Supreme Court was asked to define a similarly ambiguous term, “hardcore pornography.”

“Under the First Amendment and Article 14, criminal law in this area is constitutionally limited to hardcore pornography. The types of material I understand today to be included in that brief description. I wouldn’t try to define it further, and maybe I couldn’t succeed in doing so as you can see, but I know it when I see it.And it comes with a salad. You know it when you see it.

Eight social boundaries that question our shared reality

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