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Edible mushrooms that should not be actually eaten

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When I was very (very) young, I ate an entire box of crayons in anticipation of colorful poop. It didn’t work, but her mother was worried about what would happen to me, so her mother caused a few hours of minor worries. The answer was (unfortunately) nothing. Did not push out the rainbowAlso, he did not die horribly from the periwinkle poisoning. As a direct result, I can personally confirm that your body can and will handle so many things that you really shouldn’t put into it.

At some point, most of us spend our time when we realize that eating non-food products such as crayons and glues lives in a world where chicken wings and beer are especially present. I understand that is bad.That doesn’t mean everything Technically Foods considered But you should eat.In fact, there are some examples of edible things you should do I never have I will actually eat it.


Cocktail garnish serves two purposes. This means that you can enhance the flavor and texture of your drink while at the same time enhancing its visual appeal. The garnish will definitely appear on Instagram posts, allowing you to make a mixture of regular ingredients look really flashy. And yes, most (but not all) garnishes served with cocktails are 100% edible. Because they are food, usually fruits, vegetables, or sometimes spice twigs (or bacon in the case of Bloody Mary).

So you can Eat them, but you should No Eat them. I never have. Those garnishes were probably peeled, sliced ​​and thrown into glass a few hours ago. Become a welcome host for all kinds of microorganisms..


As with garnish, the free snack bowls that local drinking fountains tap at the bar are technically food and therefore technically edible. Bars are so cheap that they love to serve light meals, salt encourages you to drink more, and patrons recognize them as giveaways and are popular.

They are also one of the most hygienic places on the planet. Even if you see your bartender scooping a pile of “fresh” nuts and chips into a bowl just for you, it’s likely they’ve been sitting for a long time and they’re unlikely to be regained. Not. The old bowl. And if the bowl is already sitting there when you arrive, you obviously don’t know what kind of terrible and scary humans had their dirty mitts in the bowl before you. Conclusion: Order something from the kitchen.

Raw dough

Raw dough, especially cookie dough, is hard to resist. First of all, if you’re hungry and you’re baking something delicious, it’s very appealing to scoop up a portion of the dough and swallow it. And, like many natural perfect assassins, there is no obvious sensory warning that something can kill you.However Things can kill you..

Most of the flour used for baking is actually raw. “Raw” doesn’t seem to make sense right away because it’s mainly considered from a meat perspective, but “raw” in flour means that it hasn’t been processed at all. It grows like E. coli. The only way to make sure you kill those contaminants before you eat them is to cook or bake them. In addition, the eggs used in the dough may contain Salmonella.

But if the raw dough is very dangerous, Why can I buy a pint of cookie dough ice cream? The dough is made from pasteurized eggs and heat-treated flour.

Raw meat

When I was a kid, my dad wandered around the kitchen while preparing dinner, scooping up a handful of raw ground beef and eating it deliciously, regularly terrorizing his family. He claimed it was an old tradition in his family. He also died quite young, and I’m not entirely convinced that the two things are irrelevant.

Indeed, you can order and enjoy a variety of raw meat dishes at restaurants, including famous restaurants.Cheek tartare (including raw eggs for additional health gambling) or beef carpaccio, eating raw meat isn’t really a good idea. An ideal breeding ground for bacteria include E. coli When Salmonella, Every time I eat raw meat Risk to acquire I’m really sick.

So why is it okay to eat raw fish with sushi???Sushi-grade fish Processed with frozen temperatures To kill bacteria and parasites before preparation — most raw meat dishes do not go through.

Pet food

It looks like an urban legend, but in reality some people have it I ate pet food To survive the desperate economic era.And pet food is Become more and more fancy In recent years, the strange situation has been that your cat’s supper looks better than your cat.

But no matter how curious (or desperate) you are, you shouldn’t start sharing your pet’s bowl. Eating pet food doesn’t cause any immediate problems for you (after all, it’s food), but pet food is a slate of nutrients and vitamins that are different from what the human body needs or tolerates. Is prescribed to provide. Regular eating of pet food can ultimately have a negative effect on your health (for example, some of the vitamins in dog food are completely safe for dogs, but toxic). You may also suffer from malnutrition. For example, many pet foods don’t care about vitamin C, so eating with a dog can lead to scurvy.

Edible mushrooms that should not be actually eaten

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