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DuckDuckGo now lets you block email tracking

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There are no telltale signs that the sender knows when the email is opened. This is different from Facebook Messenger, which sends messages. Overt unpacking confirmation every time you open a message. However, senders can include small pixel-sized images in their emails. This will identify you when you open your email. Then notify the sender (narc). This is known as a pixel tracker and is an example of how email is not a privacy-friendly service.

But tech companies are starting to fight back. Last year, Apple said,hide emailThis will generate a unique “burner” address every time you need to share your email with a business. That burner address forwards messages to the real address, so there is no need to share it with shady services.

DuckDuckGo began testing a similar feature last July., launching a beta version to a limited user base. However, if you wanted to try it, you had to be on the waiting list. Anyone can try this feature now.

DuckDuckGo hides emails and protects your privacy

DuckDuckGo offers two types of email addresses. The first is her Duck Address in person. Once you choose a name, it will not change (for example, jakepete@duck.com). The second is private and unique Generated duck address.whenever you need to share DuckDuckGo will generate a new address to use when you send an email with the service. That way you don’t have to share your email with every company trying to misuse your personal data. Instead, you only get burner accounts.

Both personal and private duck addresses forward mail to your primary address (such as Gmail). This allows you to pass your duck address to any service that requires it without having to provide your personal email address.

But that’s not the best part. DuckDuckGo scrubs trackers before forwarding email from a personal or private Duck address to your primary address. This means that you can open forwarded emails with confidence, as the sender has no way of knowing when you read the message. It also counters link tracking.

duck duck go claims that this feature is very respectful of users’ privacy and does not store emails. The only personal data that the Company will ask you for is your primary email address (otherwise emails cannot be forwarded). However, you don’t have to share your inbox, contacts, or access to such data. .

How to set up a burner DuckDuckGo email address

To access this feature, you need one of the following: iOS Also android Install an app or browser extension chromium, firefox, BraveAlso cornerThis feature is supported by DuckDuckGo’s Mac app, but it’s still in beta and has a waiting list.

On iOS or Android, open the app, tap the settings gear in the top right, then scroll down to[Email Protection]Choose. On desktop, after installing the browser extension, Email protection page (linked here) let’s start doing. Click through the opening screen and select your own @duck.com address.

Next, select the primary address to which DuckDuckGo forwards tracker-less messages. After all settings are completed,[これは正しいです]Click to lock your official DuckDuckGo email.

Whenever you need to generate a new burner address, For mobile email protection settings. On desktop, select her DuckDuckGo extension in your browser,[新しい Duck アドレスを作成]Choose. DuckDuckGo adds the newly generated address to your clipboard so you can easily paste it wherever you need it.That said, DuckDuckGo also You can identify clicking on the email address field and it will automatically provide you with a duck address to use.

When you receive a message forwarded to your primary inbox, DuckDuckGo will include a report of blocked trackers in the original email. This is a reminder why such features are so useful in the first place.


DuckDuckGo now lets you block email tracking

Source link DuckDuckGo now lets you block email tracking

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