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Dryer maintenance tasks to be done monthly

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Hair dryer suddenly stops working or starts running too hotyou are left with either soggy or shrunken clothesWorse, a malfunctioning dryer can actually lead to a fire hazard.. We usually We tend to take it for granted because we don’t think much about it when the washing machine is working well.But there are some simple, everyday things we should all do. do to keep us Hairdryer Vigorously(avoid house fires).

Clean the lint screen more often

It goes without saying that the most important (and easiest) thing you can do to keep your dryer in good working order is to clean the lint screen after every large load of laundry. Lint buildup inside the air intake can slow down hot air as it passes through the vent. If the air in the dryer gets too hot, shrink your clothes In the worst case, it can cause a fire. Cleaning the lint screen will prevent lint from building up on other hard objects.To-It even hits the spot and saves you the trouble of tracking down future venting issues.

clean up around lint screen too

regularly cTilt the lint screen cradle and surroundings is also good practice. Once the dryer has cooled, use a lint brush Pull out any lint stuck in the lint trap gap.A good vacuum attachment is also great option. that is Helps maintain proper airflow in the dryer avoid some disaster.

Clean behind and around the dryer

It’s a good idea to seasonally clean around and under your dryer while you’re vacuuming.Trapped moisture, dust and lint build up in the space behind the dryer and can limit the dryer air flow.and meIn addition to causing mold, moisture accumulating on and around electrical appliances can lead to shorts, corrosion, or even fires. Cleaning behind and under the dryer about every three months will extend the life of the appliance and help prevent fires.

check outside air outlet

check create an external vent to the dryer, Make sure branches, plants, or other debris are not blocked airflow, and gwith occasional habits take make a vent Make sure it is unobstructed. Debris can be removed and lint that has built up in the area can be removed with a rag and brush.

Duct inspection and cleaning

when you notice Also look at the duct that leads from the dryer to the outside if it’s accumulating in the outside vents.If you have fuzz build upyou can use a brush specially designed for this type of duct to remove it while the dryer is unplugged.you can get dryer duct cleaning kit has everything you need)If you’re struggling to keep your vents and ducts clean, you can upgrade your vents or hire a professional to do an inspection. Keeping your vents and ducts clean will help your clothes dry faster and your dryer will run longer.

Clean the inside of the dryer more often

Wiping the inside of the dryer monthly is a good habit to remove dirt that can melt and stick to the inside of the drum. drum hole drum open, It also keeps debris from previous loads from sticking to future loads. Unplug the dryer and wipe the inside with a rag and soapy water. Or use isopropyl alcohol.

balance your Dryer

Balancing the dryer helps prevent wear to the internal mechanisms. If the dryer is shaking while spinning, Parts that drive rotary motion Due to uneven pressure, Causes uneven wear and eventually damages the rotorThe leveling feet can be used to keep the dryer at all four contact points. prevent future troubles.

do not overload Hairdryer

Last but not least, overloading the dryer can damage it and cause the fan that pushes air through the system to wear out faster. the drum must work as difficult as more weight layered It can be put in the dryer, so you can hang it in a manageable size and keep it in better shape longer..

Dryer maintenance tasks to be done monthly

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