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Do’s and Don’ts for Sending Voice Messages

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voice memo-is like A cross between standard texting and a personal podcast —It is growing in popularity.and by Apple Easy to send on the spot Regular old iMessage: OOn your iPhone, just press and hold the little microphone button that appears next to where you type your text message.after that you talk Send a clip of your voice to the person you’re talking to. Some people like this. Some people hate this.some people like me these days Convert.But there are manners you should know wherever you stand.

build good relationships with recipients

First of all, don’t send voice memos to people you don’t have a solid existing relationship with. Do you remember how her text messages felt so much more personal compared to phone calls and emails?Have you ever been frustrated to be contacted in such a way by a colleague or acquaintance? maybe. That’s what Voicenote feels like now.There is something strangely intimate about listening to other people’s stories. voice. aYou can’t send voice messages to new friends, bosses, professors, or anyone who might not know how to play it (like your grandmother).

Then use your understanding of the other person to feel if they do. I want voice memo. I used to respond to every voice note I received with a text like “lol definitely not” or “you didn’t hear that, try again”. Some people just don’t want to pause the music or stop their day to hear your monologue. As you can tell, iMessage voice memos can be tricky. It cannot be paused and resumed in the middle. You can’t track them down and listen to a particular segment again. When someone presses play, it commits. They need to listen to the whole damn thing. Depending on your phone settings, the voice memo may play and then disappear after a few minutes. Consuming a voice memo has an element of haste and chaos, and you need to know if your intended recipient is down for it before you send it.

New York City media expert Ramy Zavala wasn’t enthusiastic about the whole idea when asked for voice memo etiquette tips.

“I always prefer text messages to phone calls,” he said, noting the similarities between calls and voice memos. Easy to read on the go. Furthermore, he added, “the conversation cannot be induced or reacted to.” Finally, he expressed his annoyance at having to listen to the entire voice memo again every time he missed what was said.

Therefore, someone like Zabala is not a good candidate to receive your voice memos. If you’re trying to send a long email to someone you wouldn’t normally interact with like that, I recommend texting her first and asking questions.

make it easier for others

Voice Memos should be fun! Once you get to know them, you can tell them memorable and engaging stories, sing songs, or let your friends hear the sounds around them. It’s intimate, cool, and when done right, it’s a great way to communicate. , gives you a lot of peace of mind.) That being said, don’t screw this up by trying to make the recipient understand what you’re saying.

“Voice memo Must Within 1 minute and 30 seconds,” said 20-something author and prolific voice Emily Lela-Be careful with your users. “If you overdo it, cut it in two. Also, don’t do it while walking outside. It can get stuffy.”

Remember that iPhone users can’t go back and play a specific section of a voice message, so breaking a long story into smaller parts at least gives you the chance to play just that specific part. Also be aware of your surroundings. For example, if you’re in a noisy bar or public restroom, remember that you might drown or hear things your friends don’t want to hear. please.If They are In noisy bars or public restrooms they may not want to Or you can take out your AirPods just to listen to 30 seconds of your audio abusive languageIn some cases, text is a better option.

Do’s and Don’ts for Sending Voice Messages

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