Don’t try this potentially dangerous TikTok lawn mower hack

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we Not the biggest fan traditional Green grass lawn, We know that such a long-standing norm of American home ownership will not disappear overnight. But whether you’re feeling about the lawn or not, if you’re stuck in maintaining the lawn, you can accept strategies to reduce the amount of work required to maintain the lawn. Tip top (or mediocre) shape.

In a quest to reduce the time spent on lawn care, you may have come across a viral TikTok video showing techniques for filling spotted lawn crevices. What the experts warn can be dangerous. Here’s what you need to know about TikTok lawn hacking and why you should skip it.

What is included in lawn hacking?

June 21, Oliver Joseph (also known as Oliver Joseph) @roamwildwitholiver) — According to his profile, someone on a “home and gardening journey” —I posted a video on TikTok With the title “# 1 Gardening Hack Learned from Dad”, it has recorded over 2.2 million views. The purpose of this strategy is to hide the bald areas of the lawn caused by higher than normal temperatures.

After all, Joseph’s dad’s hack (which he calls “flocking”) is removing the glass catcher. Open the rear cover from the mower and stanchions so that the cuttings are redistributed throughout the lawn. According to Joseph, clippings also promote the growth of bald patches.

Why is hacking potentially dangerous?

As Some lawn experts As TikTok users point out in the comments in the video, the hack serves its purpose, but it can also injure the person mowing the lawn.

This is because if you leave the back of the lawn mower open, in addition to the mowed grass, there are other objects in the path.Especially rocks— You can go through the lawn mower, get behind and fly towards you at maximum speed.these are Projections can hurt you and other humans and animals, especially if they hit your face or eyes.In other words, this hack is not Worth the risk.

Don’t try this potentially dangerous TikTok lawn mower hack

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