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Don’t react to bison as you become a bear

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U.S. National Park Authority teeth I’m expecting so many visitors this summer You really only need to make a reservation to enter some of them. And with a record number of people uniting with nature, you will have some unintended, but completely unexpected results.Im Of course, it refers to the ectenia of people who visited the national park and were involved in the backside of the Bison attack.

The The National Park Service at Yellowstone Park says more people were injured by the bison than any other animal.— Not a bear, which is a lot of animals The most worrisome of us Preparing to defend against.. Can guidance be transferred from bears to bison??? THis answer is sometimes yes and sometimes no. If you’re visiting a national park this summer and don’t want to be, you need to know the following:The latest victim of the e-Bison attack.

Official guidance for dealing with bison

When I met a wild bison National Park Service you Because of b, keep at least 25 yards away from the animals.ison is unpredictable Can run 3 times faster than human. In addition, the Utah Wildlife Resources Department reflects this guidance as follows: Antelope Island Park Manager Jeremy Shaw explains that attacks occur when people get too close.: “THey, I always want to bring the photos closer. But in the end, whenever there is a dangerous interaction with wildlife, it’s because people are too close. “

Nevertheless, it is possible to encounter wild and aggressive bison without your own fault. In that case, Utah Wildlife Service Financial resources recommendation Less than: “If you look at the bison, stop doing it and start paying attention, you should be too close and slowly leave.” The NPS has instructed never to feed animals encountered, including bison... They describe animals that become dependent on human food, Sometimes it becomes aggressive towards people and eventually has to be killed.

Differences in bison guidance From bear guidance

One of the differences between encountering a bear and an encounter with a bison is that if you anticipate an encounter with a bear, it is better to travel in a larger group, whereas you anticipate an encounter with a bison. If so, you want to be in a smaller group. Ann NPS study Conclusion on human injury caused by bison encounters in Yellowstone National Park“The number of people near Bison not only affects human behavior, but also threatens Bison, who can react to physical forces.” This is different from the NPS guidance on bear safetyThis encourages hikers to travel in larger groups as bears scare this.

Another important difference between the encounter between Bison and the bear is “Make yourself bigger..“ WWhen you meet a bear, it’s a good idea to make it look as big as possible.There is no reason to do so at Bison. According to the experience of the national park“Unlike other wild animals like black bears, grizzly bears, especially mountain lions, making a loud noise does not scare the bison. It does not discourage an angry bison. There is none.” T

The NPS too Advice against mountaineering Or run away when you encounter a bearOn the other hand, it’s not as black and white as Bison. NPS says To “Always plan your escape by identifying a nearby protective cover, such as a tree or car. If you don’t have a cover, turn around or wait for the bison to leave the area.”

Finally, the fundamental difference between the encounter between Bison and the bear is Bison is a herbivoreon the other hand Bears are not. Bison does not attack you with the intention of making you the next meal. The only reason they become aggressive is if you break into either their personal space or their calf’s personal space.

Don’t react to bison as you become a bear

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