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Don’t pay extra to sit next to your child on the plane

Image of an article titled No Extra Pay to Sit Next to Your Child on an Airplane don’t pay extra to sit next to a child on an airplane

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There’s a lot to say about the difficulty of traveling with young children, b bMinistry of Transport is doing at least one thing Make a process Simpler. According to a notice released by DoT last Friday, The Air Consumer Protection Agency (OACP) has issued a notice to US airlines urging children under the age of 13 to sit next to accompanying adults. No additional charge.

Notification is, “The department monitors airline behavior in this regard and has the potential to align with departmental authorities to ensure that airline seating policies and practices do not become a barrier to infants sitting next to adult families. Consider which steps are appropriate, including regulations, members or other accompanying adults. “

According to the new guidance, OACP Encouragement The airline will give the customer the option at the time of booking to indicate that they need a seat for their accompanying child... “If an adjacent seat is not available at the time of booking, OACP will provide the airline with clear and accurate information to other adults traveling with their parents or toddlers, and the adults will make informed decisions. It is recommended to be able to do it.The notification shows.

Notable This only applies if both purchased tickets are in the same cabin class.The airline is No need to provide accommodation that will result in the child being upgraded to a section seat It will order higher fares.. Otherwise, airlines are expected to have their children seated with their parents as much as possible.

Airlines that do not offer options to view If you are traveling with your child at the time of booking, please see “Open Seat Policy,This allows airlines to allow adults traveling with infants to be seated and at least one adult adjacent to each infant at no additional cost. (Some companies, Like United AirlinesStill may try to encourage you to buy advance seating quotas to ensure your whole Party Sitting together ) If not arranged at the time of booking, Alert That gate attendant Flying with children to make sure the correct accommodation is made before boarding.. If the airline cannot handle it Your request, you can Submit a complaint to OACP via Email by C70Notice@dot.gov..

Don’t pay extra to sit next to your child on the plane

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