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Don’t make this mistake when using ATMs abroad

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For overseas travelThere is a need Do your research to make sure you are getting the absolute best exchange rates—BEven if you land in a foreign country where your spending is fully budgeted, your best plans can fail. Especially IIf you find yourself using a foreign ATM, it is important not to create one. this A costly mistake.

When you enter your debit card, the machine will ask you if you want to charge in your home currency (rather than your local currency) and will prompt you to “accept” or “reject”.” Some people choose “accept” because they are not sure what the prompt wants. However, if you see this prompt,[拒否]It is recommended to click.“ This is because if the ATM accepts the offer to convert the withdrawal into its home currency, it will pay a further increased exchange rate fee in addition to the basic fee charged by the ATM. This method is known as “dynamic currency conversion”.“ And it is designed to take advantage of naive travelers to maximize the profits of ATMs.

If the trick when going abroad is to completely avoid the hassle of ATMs, there are several options. First, you can see if your credit card company will pay the overseas transaction fees. Not given, but it is a relatively common advantage, Tracking, Bank of AmericaWhen Capital One We offer this benefit to all our customers. In addition, you can try to get all the currencies you need for your entire trip from the bank before you leave the country. Bank of America There are no fees for foreign currency exchanges over $ 1,000. Also, orders below that amount will only be charged a flat rate of $ 7.50. TD Bank There is a similar $ 7.50 fee for exchange, but the minimum order amount is $ 250 and the maximum order amount is $ 1,500.There are many options for both It’s a more competitive price than the cost of withdrawing money from a foreign ATM.

Don’t make this mistake when using ATMs abroad

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