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Don’t Eat This Recalled Salmon, FDA Says

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Seven Seas International USA Giant Food has voluntarily recalled 540 cases of its private label sockeye smoked salmon, according to the company. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) publication.

There have been a few salmon in the last few months remember.eat the beginning of this year, St. James Smokehouse Voluntarily Recalls 93 cases of Scotch Reserve Scottish Smoked Salmon packages are potentially contaminated in 10 states. Listeria. And last month, the FDA When Centers for Disease Control and Prevention began investigating the occurrence of salmonella Linked to raw salmon supplied to restaurants in California and Arizona.

which salmon recalled?

The full product name is Giant Private Label Wild Catch Alaskan Beni Smoked Salmon. Refrigerated 40z packaging is subject to recall.Salmon has Cardboard sleeve with sleeve window—hyeah salmon painting From FDA. Only lot number R4132 Universal Product Code (UPC) 68826715832 (found on the clear plastic bag containing the fish) is affected by the recall. The fish was distributed by Giant Food in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC. and Delaware.

Why was it recalled?

During routine regulatory health and safety inspections conducted by the Maryland Department of Health, inspectors found the presence of of Listeria monocytogenesa bacterium that can cause serious and fatal infections in young childrenold pEopullWhen immunitycompromising people.TypicallyHealthy people are also known to be affected by other non-fatal diseases. However, the symptoms are severe. The FDA continues to work with the company to determine the cause of the problem.No reports of illness So far.

What to do if you purchased a recalled product Salmon

if you buy Salmonthe FDA recommends you throw it away Or return it to the grocery store for a full refund.Disinfect Refrigerators and countertops in contact with fish. If you have any other questions about the recall, Contact Seven Seas International 1-888-627-5668 from 9am.m.and 5 p.m..m.ET.

Don’t Eat This Recalled Salmon, FDA Says

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