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Don’t drive these Dodge and Chrysler cars with exploding airbags

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The last thing you want when you get into a car is to be hurt or killed by a life-saving device. Over 276,000 Chrysler and Dodge owners use former company Takata airbags. This can be a real risk.

Stellantisformerly Fiat Chrysler Automobiles “duponotherslive” After two people were killed in another crash in which airbags deployed with explosive force.The airbag may also be faulty Additional crash that killed a third personAll vehicles covered by the new order were previously recalled due to airbag safety issues Stellantis said many vehicles have not yet been repaired, although free repairs became available in 2015.

according to National Highway Traffic Safety Bureau The (NHTSA) statement states that if a vehicle is involved in a collision that causes an airbag to inflate, a defective inflator may be to blame. of Takata airbag explodes, transmitted A piece of metal directed at the driver or passenger with lethal force. According to a report from CNBCThe chemicals used to create the tiny explosions that inflate airbags in a crash can become highly volatile over time when exposed to moisture and high temperatures. The explosion causes the metal canister to burst. send shrapnel into the car.

Takata filed for bankruptcy in 2017 injury and death caused by their airbagsReportedly, 32 dead World wide from exploding airbags, and 100 million airbag inflator recalls.

which cars are recalled

NHTSA Report follow-up Above 2015 Takata recallwhich to be influenced 34 million vehicles in 12 brand. In the report, Stellantis issue “d”uponothersWarnings for the following models if the owner has not yet received the repair:

  • Dodge Magnum 2005-2010
  • Charger 2005-2010
  • Challenger 2005-2010
  • Chrysler 300s 2005-2010

of alert arrives In the wake of two separate accidents Includes 2010 Dodge Charger After the collision, the driver’s side airbag exploded, killing the driver. According to the report, NHTSA “is aware of suspected inflator ruptures in vehicles from other automakers that may have been caused by Takata airbag explosions.”

If you are unsure if your vehicle is affected by the recall, please provide its VIN NHTSA Safety Issues & Recalls site.

What if I drive one of these cars

NHTSA warns drivers not to drive affected vehicles. even take them Handle recalls.it also encourages all Vehicle owners should check if their vehicle has a Takata airbag recall and Please contact the respective dealer as soon as possible to schedule a free repair. take care of the recalled priority, that’s why Even a minor crash can deploy the airbag. reading result in injury or death.

T.o Consult the manufacturer. Stellantis directly at the Takata Call Center at 833-585-0144, or go to them website.

Don’t drive these Dodge and Chrysler cars with exploding airbags

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