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Don’t Clean Your Air Fryer With This Viral TikTok Trick (And What To Do Instead)

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another day another Misguided cleaning hacks from TikTok what you do regret trying. The latest cleaning tricks on the popular video-sharing app air fryer-However This particular hack has reportedly ruined people’s air fryers.

What is the TikTok air fryer cleaning hack?

hack has it all Quickly find the winning qualities you’re looking forAs a result, it is heavily promoted all over TikTok.You can clean the air fryer in less than 3 minutes and get full satisfaction in shooting. Fill the fryer drawer with water and soap, put it back in the device and let the temperature rise for 3 minutes. When you throw away the hot water, you are left with a sparkling clean interior.the video is all over of app.

What’s the problem?

Commenters on these videos point out the obvious. Getting water into electrical equipment can be very dangerous.Air fryers can hold a small amount of oil inside, but are not designed to be filled with liquidsUsers point out in the comments that the personal device instructions specifically warned No To do this, in fact.Others point out that it can damage the device if water gets too deep inside, but some even say it does this. have damaged the fryer.

how to clean air fryer

Fortunately, we covered Already the best cleaning method for you:

  • Remove the drawer and basket, wash both in the sink with warm water and soap, and use a sponge or soft cloth to avoid scratching the non-stick interior.
  • Use your fingernails or paper towels to remove any particularly sticky food remnants.
  • Let it dry completely before reinserting.

You don’t need to clean the inside of your device very often, but if you want to clean it regularly, use a soft sponge or damp cloth and warm soapy water. Don’t do this when the elements are hot. In fact, for maximum safety, unplug everything first. Do not plug it in until everything inside is completely dry. It’s not glamorous, so I’m not particularly keen on photographing it, but this is an easy and safe way to clean your air fryer. G.Those TikTok takes a different view.

Don’t Clean Your Air Fryer With This Viral TikTok Trick (And What To Do Instead)

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