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Don’t buy Google’s official Pixel case

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The smartphone and the case are closely related. After all, these pocket computers we have everywhere are expensive and fragile. It only makes sense to protect them.Smartphone maker Like google Know this and make their own case to sell with you One of their devices. However, if Google asks if you need one of the cases when buying a new Pixel smartphone, answer “no”.

As reported by The VergeThere are dozens of complaints on both Reddit and Amazon surrounding Google’s officials Pixel 6 case, surroundings Three major issues that seem to be repetition In these cases: The material is yellowing; Case Doesn’t fit the phoneAnd if they fit the phone, The case itself is distorted, The material sticks out around the button. Some even blame the case of scratching their phone. Of course, that’s what you buy an incident to prevent.

One post from RedditorA_Giant_Baguette with photos Attracted the attention of the crowd r / googlepixel..You can see from This image road The case is distorted around the Pixel’s volume button, This photo It shows how badly the case turned yellow.Allegedly these problems have occurred In 7 months How to do It’s too fast for a $ 30 smartphone case, especially one made by the same company as the phone itself.

To make matters worse, seven months have been together for a long time.Compared to the experience of Some other customers who reported them The case then started to get worse 2 or 3 several weeks.. Whether the case looks new for 2 weeks or 7 months, you have the right to be dissatisfied with the apparently defective product.

Not everyone who buys a Google case for Pixel is experiencing these issues.If you scan the review pages to find themYou will find a lot of positive ratings In addition to complaints.However Complaints that is Hard to ignore.. Some users purchased from the Google store Amazon can’t even get their money back. A_Giant_Baguette, who identifies only that, reports: When they asked Refunds from Amazon, they were sent Sent to Google, Google sent them back to Amazon.

When they finally contacted someone at Google, they were told they wouldn’t provide a warranty for products that the company purchased through a third party —That “third party” was Amazon’s official Google store. ((((Take it as another lesson here: If you want Google to cover it, don’t buy a Google one from anyone other than Google. )

For now, the best thing to do is to look elsewhere for your Pixel case. Hopefully Google will understand the problem And it will be better in the next case it makes. The company’s fabric case was a hit, so even if it doesn’t, it may come back to Pixel 7. One of google Other upcoming devices..

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Don’t buy Google’s official Pixel case

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