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Don’t be fooled by “WhatsApp Support”

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Scammers have no honor. They impersonate someone and say whatever it takes to give up on you. Your personal information.Their latest tricks include spoofing WhatsApp to’support’ Steal your credit card information and break into your mMessaging account. Don’t give them satisfaction. Here are some things to keep in mind:

As reported by WABetaInfoThe scammer Impersonate a WhatsApp employee Trying to lure users into the wrong sense of security. After all, if you think you’re talking to an official WhatsApp account, you may find it more comfortable to share your personal and financial data.Scammers with a confirmation checkmark in their profile picture will notify you WhatsApp accounts are at risk of termination and you must provide “support” with a valid credit card number to retain your account. You may also be asked for a two-factor verification code as an additional “proof”. Classic WhatsApp support, just trying to help.

This is a deal: WhatsApp support never asks you for these things. So far. WhatsApp freedom..The app support team Do not request credit card information just to prevent your account from being suspended.In addition, you should I never have Distribute two-factor verification code to everyone WhatsApp or others. The two-element code is basically a temporary password that proves that you can access and sign in to a trusted device. account.Just type Do this code yourself When trying to log in to an account that uses them

Scammers know that they can’t break into a 2FA-enabled account without these codes, so they want to pretend to be from the company or app in question so they feel safe enough to share. I think. those number. please do not.

Don’t be fooled by your profile picture. The official WhatsApp account has a confirmation checkmark next to the contact name. no With their avatar.The scammer can’t add a confirmation check to his name, so he slams it into his profile picture and hopes no one will ever think again... WABetaInfo There is a great side-by-side that shows off the difference If you want to see it for yourself.

I’ll give you these scammers Props to consider putting a validation check on their profile picture, but otherwise I give them an F. scam From top to bottom. In 2022, expectations are rising from those who are trying to trick me into sharing personal information. If you encounter this obvious scam, stop the conversation immediately and report your account to WhatsApp Support —Actual WhatsApp support —For good measurements.

Don’t be fooled by “WhatsApp Support”

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