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Does that TikTok dish drying hack really work?

Image from an article titled Putting Towels in the Dishwasher

Having a dishwasher is a game changer. small dishwasher, reducing both labor and water usage. Next to air conditioners, dishwashers are my favorite individual inventions (both necessarily predate the creation of dishwashers), aside from the big ones like electricity and house plumbing. Most dishwashers are good at washing dishes, but not so good at drying them.

Enter a hack from everyone’s favorite TikTok grandma, Babs.I generally enjoy Bab a lot — although she had her hit song When her mistake—but this dish-drying operation is a true time-saving hack. , after the wash and dry cycle is complete), hang a terry cloth cloth inside the dishwasher. She lets it hang out for five minutes, then opens the washing machine to reveal completely dry dishes.

I’m not good at touching wet dishes (disgusting), and I’m not good at drying dishes (boring), so I gave it a try.works well, but it doesn’t very As effective as the video suggests. I washed the dishes, draped them and waited, then opened the dishwasher to reveal…In many cases dry matter. My plate was completely dry, as were most of the other dishes, but there was still water on some of the bowls and coffee cups.

why does this work? After washing, the towel absorbs the steam floating in the washing machine after the automatic drying is finished, preventing condensation on the dishes. Of course, no dish towel, no matter how absorbent, can absorb pooled water from inches away, so this hack makes much more sense. Less than It’s not the “no drying” that Babs promises, but it’s much better than drying all your dishes.

Does that TikTok dish drying hack really work?

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