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Do you have a “body check” problem?

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In a day you will probably find yourself Ask for feedback on yOur appearance is multiple timesWhether it or not Check yWe weigh, look in the mirror, wear different clothes, take selfies.

This habit of looking for information about your body is “Body check“And when completed of ModerationIt’s completely Normal operation-intermittently relief yoursAn elf that everything is going well. When it comes to body check habits, we all have our own habits and routines. In the extreme, body checks can be obsessive, Deterioration Your mood and yours Self-image.

When the body check gets out of hand

Problems arise when the body check becomes something like compulsion.Probably you Your mood will change according to the numbers on the scale, and you will weigh yourself multiple times a day. Other actions may be Includes over-measurement of body parts such as around the waist and hips. Or take a large number of selfies to monitor Certain aspects of your looks.

and 2018 meta-analysisThe obsessive-compulsive physical check was found to correlate with negative body image and eating disorders.another 2019 study For women, the result of the body check is Personally Dissatisfied regardless of the body part they were watching.

Signs of out-of-control habits of checking the body

Several Signs The habit of checking the body is becoming a problem: If it hurt you Ability to concentrate, If it causes confusion In you Work or family lifeIf it leads you to avoid eatingOr if it causes feelings of guilt, shame or anxiety. If you find yourself avoiding social gatherings because of fear of eating; if you spend too much time worrying about your weight or appearance. Or if your obsession with body image is a hindrance to your life—These are all signs of a body check It’s becoming a problem.

What should I do If there is a problem with the body check

First and foremost, if your boy’s checking habits contributed to ddevelopment of Eating disorders, it’s important to look for Professional support..To the National Association of Eating Disorders HelplineCan be accessed via online chat Or by text message / phone to 800-931-2237. If you are in a crisis and need immediate help, Text the NEDA to 741741.

When it comes to that Your check Body check behavior, Health line Apps like Instagram Commitment to body image.Also, try to monitor and identify yourself The situation that triggers you Impulse to body check —Track your daily activity Check if there is a pattern, then Develop alternative coping strategies that can be replaced The act of checking the body (for example, instead of looking critically at oneself in the mirror), Perform verbal affirmations to increase your mood and self-confidence). If the habit rises to a level of compulsion, Ask for help Trained therapist..

Do you have a “body check” problem?

Source link Do you have a “body check” problem?

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