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Do not use pennyroyal tea to induce an abortion

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Since then Roe v. Wade Upside down, people were talking about what abortion was like in the era before modern medical procedures. Even in ancient history, abortion was performed in both surgical and medical techniques.Ben Franklin One of his famous books included a protocol for herbal abortion.. And, of course, there has been much debate about how to induce abortion at home. The past few days. Herbs sound better than hangers.

This advice will kill someone.And I said Tik Tokers “Oh you absolutely “I don’t want to drink pennyroyal tea …” is a post from a very popular genre on social media these days.

Which herbs are best for inducing abortion at home?

To be honest, none of them. If you need an abortion, start with a clinic or helpline that operates in or near your area. (( National network of abortion funds If you’re early in pregnancy and want to find something you can take at home, what you really want is misoprostol. It can be taken alone or with mifepristone. These are tablets, not herbs. They work, And they are safe.Previous egg Capsized, There were 20 states where you could legally receive these pills by mail And use them to trigger an abortion.

Today, legality in your area may vary, but these websites are legal and may be able to help you access. abortion dosage:

What’s wrong with herbs?

First of all, if you think of herbs as a fun, quaint, soothing and natural way to get medicines, you are wrong. Herbs have been used as medicines, but usually I haven’t had the experience of “well, I’m drinking this delicious tea and I feel better right away.” If you are taking something that “functions” only by acting as a placebo, that may be the case.

But more generally, medical “herbs” are a powerful plant-derived toxin preparation, and even historically, people risk side effects from vomiting to organ damage and death. I did.

Still, many of these herbs did not work for their intended purpose.Sometimes medical recipes were passed because they looked like them should do it Because they worked, or were contained in a mixture of herbs that seemed to work at least once. Medicine recipes can be mistakenly copied from one book to another and passed on anyway. If you get recipes from old-fashioned midwives and their herbs, you can’t laugh at old-fashioned doctors and their phlebotomy.The fact that something happened Rumored to have been used for a long time It does not constitute evidence that it should be used for that purpose today.

Needless to say: Rumors are not a sufficient basis for setting up medical protocols.If you’re going to have sex with your life and health, you’ll want more information than someone at TikTok tells you Absolutely not If you have a slow period, make this tea or drink its essential oils.

Abortion of herbs can literally kill you

Inducing abortion with herbs is dangerous, not just because it may be ineffective. The most famous abortion herbs have a number of bodies.

for example, Here are two cases of pennyroyal oil intake Written in 1979. A woman ingested about 30 milliliters of oil, but her doctor suspected an abortion or suicide attempt. She vomited blood and came to the hospital, and two days later she died of symptoms such as internal bleeding and liver and kidney damage. The second case was a woman who drank 10 milliliters of oil, went to the hospital because of extreme dizziness, and returned home with a functioning liver a few days later. But she was still pregnant.

The interesting thing about using Pennyroyal as an abortion drug is that it probably won’t work. “Human data says it’s not really the case without first poisoning women.” Tweet Toxicologist Ryan Marino.

Some other herbs may be able to induce an abortion without necessarily killing you, but if you fall below this idea, ask yourself if you really are out of the other options. May be worth it.Herbalist Crystal Honey Cut Said to Mike:

“You can absolutely induce an abortion [with herbs]But that’s important, “Honeycut said. “You may not only have a lot of pain, but also a lot of emotional or mental confusion. Your body is passing through (w).Ringer; may inadvertently start bleeding. The same risks as medical procedures are amplified by abortion. “

That last sentence holds the important point that people who are circling tea and herbal oil recipes are missing: This teeth Medical procedure. It’s something you might get into it without knowing the right dose, side effects to watch out for, success rate, or even the risks you’re taking. Do you accept it elsewhere?

In addition, the information available in DIY is often incomplete and inconsistent. for example, One website He describes the blue cohosh as a “powerful female ally,” but later states that it had no effect on the author.Interviewees DNAinfo’s work on herbal abortion Some herbalists have suggested that this uncertainty is seen as something positive in that it leaves the end result “in the hands of God.”

Who redditor Discussed excerpts related to abortion from her grandmother’s herbal notes “It’s not worth it unless you’re completely okay with dying rather than staying pregnant. If you have to have an abortion, look for an abortion. It’s safe.”

Do not use pennyroyal tea to induce an abortion

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