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Do mosquito repellents actually work?

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You can’t go anywhere on the internet without coming across a list of 17 or 25 of the best mosquito repellents, or mosquito repellents that are good in the shade or non-toxic to dogs.People just want to talk about Mosquito repellent plants, and don’t stop thinking: wait a minute, conduct Do plants really repel mosquitoes?

No! They don’t! At least not your idea.All these lists (and content-free like TikToks) that Where someone shoots a video to buy a lavender plant), just planting one of these probably insect repellent plants can keep mosquitoes (or other pests) away from the garden. But the idea is mostly wishful thinking.

I have Here is the grain of truth: SSome plants do It contains oil that can repel mosquitoes, but in reality you need to somehow put oil between yourself and the mosquitoes. And it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Research, like This study on malaria-borne organisms in KenyaPotted plants (including lime basil and common lantana) have shown that the number of mosquitoes around the bed can be slightly reduced, but the leaves of the plant should be damaged and completely damaged. Surround the bed with them — and still not very effective Enough to prevent mosquitoes from biting you.that’s all reduce Only a few of them.

There is also research like This one When used in diffusers and candles, it indicates a chemical extracted from vegetable oil. You can repel some mosquitoes, and sSome vegetable oils act as mosquito repellents when applied directly to the skin. This study Citronella oil, clove oil, and patchouli oil have been found to work well as effective repellents.Defined to work for at least 2 hours —However, they need to be undiluted to work best. (Other vegetable oils tested did not work well enough to be truly considered Repellent. )

By the time we were talking about rubbing large amounts of undiluted essential oils on our skin, we were far from the illusion of planting some lavender bushes next to the back deck to enjoy mosquito-free dishes. think. (It goes without saying that essential oils are expensive, It irritates the skin and often evaporates quickly. ) If you want to apply something to your skin to prevent insect bites, buy One of the EPA-registered and actually effective plant-based insect repellent sprays..

How to keep mosquitoes away from pouches and decks

So, if lavender and citronella plants can’t keep mosquitoes away, what can be done to reduce backyard gatherings from mosquito magnets?

First, look around the garden looking for a source of stagnant water. These could be bird baths, buckets, flowerpots, children’s pools, or other toys or things that collect rainwater. If they can’t stop collecting water in the first place Recommended by CDC Throw them away Clean them every week.

You can buy pesticides to kill mosquitoes. Larvicide You can kill baby mosquitoes in the water.Intended for non-drinking water Also, it cannot be easily thrown away (for example, a rain tub or a pool cover that collects water). Adult pesticide Kill adult mosquitoes, usually under plants, under decks, under outdoor furniture, etc., where they rest. Adult pesticides are provided in sprays, coils, and sprayers.

Finally, with the simplest solution if you have guests I want to enjoy pouch beer without eating alive: Box fan.. Mosquitoes are not strong enough to fight the electric current generated by the fans. On hot summer days, you can enjoy the breeze. Please provide DEET’s splits to your guests when they arrive, and there will be far less mosquitoes than if you wanted to be protected by some garden plants.

Do mosquito repellents actually work?

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