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Do I need to play this “SwearWord Alphabet” game with my kids?

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The creator of TikTok and her mother, as in her biography, will be a seemingly endless tween blonde “girl gang”. Fiddely_MomJessPost a video of her and her daughter playing this “”bad Word alphabet game.. “ Some people think it’s cheerful, others say it’s irresponsible.

What is the “Alphabet of Bad Words” game?

In the video, Jess says he helps kids feel better by playing these games with them when they feel sick. She says it helps them “swear from their system” in a safe space at home or in a car instead of doing it at school. Some nasty words like n-word are completely off limits, but many are fair games, including many that get an R rating in the movie.

Jess also says that because he plays games with his children, he can learn the latest dirty language terms and confirm their understanding.of This videoWhen a child uses the term “nocturnal emission”, Jess learns that his child knows the term, No He says he knows what that means and will reveal it later. This conversation would not have been possible without the game.

Should you make your child swear?

She, of course, calls her a bad mom and gets a lot of hatred from commentators who say her children will somehow “wrongly” grow or stop.She deals with these comments directly or from time to time With the help of her children, Talk about how her kids know the time and place of the game. Hope, She assumesIf you say all the words at home with your mom, the vows will be easier to understand and probably less fun to say. Is she right?

“Surveys show that there is a significant correlation between parental use of blasphemous language and subsequent blasphemous expression of children.” Dr. Bill Fudenko, Global Head of Mental Health K Health.. “If a parent directly or indirectly authorizes a child to use vulgar language,” “using this game is likely to increase, rather than reduce, the child’s swearing. It will be, “he says.

But the devil you know is better, probably?? (we have Our own Guide How to teach your child when it’s okay curse.. ) The problem with making taboos is, like a daughter who knew that a “wet dream” might be a “vow” when it was done in secret, but didn’t know what it was. It’s often done wrong.Children are exposed to language in schools and communities, so finding a way for children to check their knowledge at home without looking at you may work for you...

Other ways to teach your child about bad words

If you have a young kid who may not have the urge to keep this game away from the school playground, or if this game doesn’t suit your taste, then your kid has the right information. There are other ways to check for “dirty” words.

“It helps to establish open communication with the child so that the child can ask questions,” Hudenko said. Don’t make judgments in words. When your child says something or asks something, curiosity, not judgment, even if you are worried that they may have a hard time saying or thinking about what they said. Have a heart

“If your child is a term or concept that is not developmentally ready to understand, consider translating the topic into a more comprehensible, child-friendly term.” Fudenko says. “”This helps lay the foundation for a more robust conversation when the child is ready. It also encourages children to use only the terms that are appropriate for the appropriate context... “

Important conversations with the child need to be done several times as the complexity increases. Teaching children about the limits of language and its proper use is an important conversation that takes place over and over again as children grow and mature.

Do I need to play this “SwearWord Alphabet” game with my kids?

Source link Do I need to play this “SwearWord Alphabet” game with my kids?

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