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Do I need to install Windows 10 LTSC?

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Windows is de It’s a de facto PC operating system for the vast majority of people, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Windows 10 (and Windows 11) are preloaded with a number of unwanted Microsoft apps such as Edge and Windows Media Player, and certain data tracking settings are turned on by default. It is also famous for broken updates with bugs that crash your PC.

Most people Assume tHis only option is Linux or Jumps to Apple’s Mac machine, but actually has a version of Windows 10 Called Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC It lacks many of the biggest drawbacks of the OS, but it is perfectly stable and supports all normal Windows apps and processes.

LTSC is an abbreviation for “Long Term Serving Channel”.Is a simplified enterprise version of the OS based on a particular build of Windows 10. There are no irrelevant features such as pre-installed apps, Cortana Assistant, or the “News and Interest” taskbar tab that Microsoft added last year. ((((Which features you want to cut depends on the LTSC build you are installing.). Lack of additional features and apps will increase hard drive space and system resources. So the PC works better (in theory). It also saves you from broken Windows feature updates.

What are the pitfalls of Windows 10 LTSC???

So far, LTSC sounds pretty good, but there are some caveats. First, unless you already have a valid Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC product key, you will need to purchase it from Microsoft to verify your installation.

Another major argument for using LTSC is that LTSC does not receive major Windows Updates. The build you install is a deadlocked build. but, This Reddit thread points out, That is the whole point. We are skipping new features in favor of a fully stable operating system.

however, conduct If you want to update to a new LTSC build (or revert to the Home edition of Windows 10 or 11), you’ll need to perform a full reinstall and purchase a new key every time you upgrade.Good luckLTSC builds will continue to get the latest Windows 10 security updates and bug fixes. Therefore, security is not an issue.That said, you will only receive 5 LTSC versions released after 2021. Years of support for security updates after release, not 10 years Long-term support for other versions.

Although technically not for the average user, the LTSC version works fine on the computer you use every day, as long as you don’t have the latest features. You can continue to connect to the Internet, install third-party apps, play PC games, and do anything else that might use your computer. However, some work is required for a particular task or app to function properly.

You need to install some apps like media player (such as VLC player). Internet browser to make up for the shortage of word processors and Windows Media Player, Microsoft Office, Edge, etc. (Windows 10 LTSC includes Internet Explorer, but Microsoft does not support it, so please install another browser) .. LTSC also does not include the Windows Store app, but you can download and install it if needed. You may also need to manually update the device driver.

How to install Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC

If you want to try Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC yourself, you can easily get a 90-day evaluation version for free. However, keep in mind that at the end of the evaluation period, you will need a valid product key to activate the OS. Purchase from Microsoft.

The setting method is as follows.

  1. Go to Microsoft Evaluation Center Page..
  2. Select the 64-bit LTSC version of your region / language to start the download.
  3. Once the download is complete, use the ISO file to create a bootable USB installer and use it to install Windows 10 LTSC. I have a guide If you don’t know how to do this, you can run the entire process. Be sure to use LTSCISO.


Do I need to install Windows 10 LTSC?

Source link Do I need to install Windows 10 LTSC?

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