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Ditch pillows that shape your baby’s head, says FDA

Ditch the pillow that shapes your baby's head, image from FDA article

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In order for your baby to sleep safely, you need to put him on his back in the crib without pillows, bumpers or blankets. Whether pillows are marketed for babies, prevent SIDS or help your baby’s head grow in a more natural way, it doesn’t change that. or, Citing FDA: “If you have a pillow that shapes your baby’s head, throw it away. Don’t donate it or give it to someone else.”

pediatrician said decades Pillows don’t belong in a baby’s crib, but baby product companies continue to make and sell ones that go in a crib. There are holes or dents to keep it in place. But babies don’t need them and they can be dangerous.

Why baby pillows are dangerous

Sudden infant death of unknown cause (SUID) is a category of death that can occur while the baby is asleep. This includes his SIDS, but also suffocation, strangulation, confinement, etc. We also found that babies had the lowest risk when they slept in a fitted sheet only crib.

So it’s a good idea to keep everything else away from it. No pillows, not even “head shaping”. No suffocation. No bumpers. No quilt. (If you’re worried about getting cold, wear a warm jammy. warning.

Head pillows have another drawback: IIf you are concerned about your baby’s head shape and are using it, you should consult your doctor instead. A slightly flattened head often takes on a more normal shape as the child grows, but there are other medical conditions that require professional attention, such as synostosis, in which the bones of the skull fuse together too quickly. The time you spend waiting for your pillow to work its magic is the time you can help your child with pediatrician-approved treatments.

Do you have a head-Shaping pillows that actually work?

No. There are no FDA-approved pillows on the market to prevent or treat Flat Head Syndrome or any other medical condition.Agencies not considered Any Even those marketed with pseudo-medical terms such as “designed by a pediatrician” are not safe and effective pillows for this purpose.

There are caps, helmets and headbands. that is Approved for reshaping a child’s head or intended to be worn after surgery for synostosis. But your child’s pediatrician is the best person to advise you on that.

The bottom line is that if your child has a problem that deserves treatment, a pillow won’t solve it.if your child has a problem is not worthy of medical attention pillow yet No fix.However, pillows can pose a danger to their safety. Best to follow the FDA’s advice and discard it.

Ditch pillows that shape your baby’s head, says FDA

Source link Ditch pillows that shape your baby’s head, says FDA

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