Differences between Histrionic Personality Disorder and Narcissistic Personality Disorder

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In the middle of a defamation proceeding Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber HeardAfter a 12-hour interview with Hard, psychologists review mental health records, the actress has both criteria for borderline personality disorder and the lesser-known “Histrionic Personality Disorder” (HPD). I testified that I met. However, you may be familiar with some of the more commonly diagnosed personality disorders, such as paranoids, narcissism, and obsessive-compulsive disorder, but what does that mean? Histrionic personality disorder??

What is Histrionic Personality Disorder?

The word performance means “overly theatrical or melodramatic.” Personality disorders are divided into three clusters: Cluster A, Cluster B, and Cluster C. HPD is a member of “Cluster B”.“according to, Mayo Clinic“Characterized by dramatic, overly emotional, or unpredictable thoughts or behaviors.” (Other obstacles to Cluster B are antisocial, borderline, and narcissistic.). by Mayo ClinicTypical symptoms of HPD are:

  • Always attract attention
  • Overly emotional, dramatic, or sexually provocative to get attention
  • Speak dramatically with strong opinions, but few facts or details to support them
  • Easily influenced by others
  • Shallow, rapidly changing emotions
  • Excessive concern about appearance
  • I think the relationship with other people is closer than it really is

In the words of Dr. Shannon CurryHPD, a clinical and forensic psychologist in Depp-Heard’s defamation proceedings, is associated with “drama and shallowness” and needs attention.As reported by Newsweek“That is, hardware is deeply interested in the image, tends to treat others cruelly, cannot accept responsibility for cheating, and tends to externalize the accusations.”

Many people with HPD have good social skills, but they often use those skills to manipulate others.As WebMD “Their self-esteem depends on the approval of others and does not result from true self-esteem. They have an overwhelming desire to be noticed and often act dramatically or improperly to pay attention. Collect. “

How does HPD differ from narcissistic personality disorder?

Both are cluster B and are a personality disorder that draws attention, but HPD and NPD people type The attention they seek. Some people with NPD need positive feedback and praise to develop their inflated self-esteem, while those with HPD need it. Any A kind of caution, even if it is negative.

according to Very healthy, HPD patients “willing to be considered fragile or dependent to attract attention”, may use their sexuality to be in the limelight, “rapid changes in emotions” Display a shallow expression. ” They are also more likely to develop dependencies. In contrast, people with NPD are emotionally less expressive, use sex for personal gain, and more deny others.

Both mental health conditions can be treated with psychotherapy.

Differences between Histrionic Personality Disorder and Narcissistic Personality Disorder

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